Saturday, November 7, 2015

Gee, so there was a bomb on board! Russia simmers!

'European investigators who analyzed the two flight recorders from the Metrojet plane that went down last weekend in Egypt are categorically saying the crash is not an accident, CNN affiliate France 2 reported Friday.'

So, now a few facts with which to ponder:

1) This was an intentional act by ISIS, (which has already admitted to the killing of innocents) and was a direct slap to the face to all Russian people!

2) Putin must retaliate in order to preserve his political base!

3) The act of retaliation will likely be massive!

4) The Russian military does not have a Rules of Conduct code... anything goes!

5) Just a guess. But, at some point I feel Raqqa (ISIS's stronghold city) will be completely and utterly leveled!

So, everyone let's sit back, grab a cold one and watch Russia do what O'banana lacks the backbone to do.

Update: Nov 10, 2015 - Well, it's been a bit of time and so far, all I can hear are the sound of crickets over on the Russian border.....

Update: Nov 13, 2015 - Fresh carnage in Paris by ISIS terrorists. A hundred or more reported killed. And from Mother Russia, more sounds of crickets. [Perhaps the Bear is only a Teddy, or just perhaps the silence from Nation that characteristically strikes quickly, could be very foreboding for Syria].

Update: Nov 16, 2015 -  Not a damn thing coming out of Russia other than the fact that her sole Aircraft carrier was being towed due to a breakdown. Looks like Putin's advisers reminded him of the drudging he got in Afghanistan years ago.


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