Friday, January 18, 2019

The holy trinity of men and women!

My spiritual design logo, standing for the unification of men and women (the blade and the cup) who thrive via their shared beliefs in God, the intake of spiritual and material nourishment and the proper exercise of both. God, please bless America and help us get through these trying times.

The man is represented in the form of a red triangle, while the woman is inverted and in blue. Each bring special abilities to the mix (the pure colored areas) that form a synergistic expression when brought together. A pure expression of life and thought from a God who created us.

Friday, January 4, 2019

I've eliminated the Post Office from my life! Mostly anyways...

I elected to put off buying stamps as I had one left and I planned to hand deliver both the Condo association and water bills in the future. Everything else I plan to do, bill paying wise, will be done done either online or by phone!

Seriously, when you talk about poorly run companies (ones that are affiliated with the government), you need not wander too very far before encountering disasters like the US Postal System! While other delivery services out there are thriving, the Post System is failing, utterly. FedEx, UPI and the Postal System are all for profit companies. The only difference is that the former two do not routinely have their pockets picked by the Feds, even while the employees in that system are almost impossible to fire, no matter how bad their individual performances.... The US Postal System. A bad deal for America!