Sunday, March 25, 2018

On the Left and gun control!

Here's the real deal. Gun control is really all about people control. The far Left could care less about Parkland, Vegas or any mass shooting site. What they want is for you , the average American citizen, to kowtow to them. One of the best ways to subjugate ones self would be to give up any and all forms of self defense. Common thugs interview a prospective target by how well they might defend themselves. Other countries also take note of the weak and the sick...

On any given night, tens of millions of sane citizens go to bed with a gun or two or three in the home with them. Nobody died. That said, the sick among us also wander the streets this night, as we all sleep. The media does a very good job of casting the bad ones as people with guns. Not as sick people with guns. Seriously. we do need some reforms, but I would venture that those reforms could be better directed at our national mental health status as opposed to mom and pop who have a handgun next to their nightstand.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Random Thoughts for March 2018!

Austin bomber dead!

In the week hours of March 21, 2018, authorities moved in on a young white suspect who was ultimately stopped in his vehicle and who ultimately blew himself up prior to his arrest.

And, before the pieces of his fragmented body had even cooled down, a call was going out by extreme left people like myself to please stop such swift action. After all, the young man surely had feelings and maybe even a coherent thought that needed exploring by people trained in working with the mentally ill. And, there were other steps that could have been taken. Perhaps if signs had been posted on every business in and around Austin Texas, which stated said businesses were 'explosive safe zones', all of this nonsense might have been prevented. In addition, one has to wonder just where the explosives he possessed were obtained? From a 'right leaning' individual perhaps? The questions remain....

Trump, you dirty dog!

Allegations of President Trump's alledged intimate conduct with big breasted Stormy Daniels were currently all over the media. As a far left wingnut, all I can say is wow! No! I mean good going dude! No! What I meant to say was that working women like Stormy need to be shown respect. [What's that? You say she was a porn queen]. Well, dag nab-bit, I'll surely will need to view a few of her past videos before passing judgement. In the mean time, hate hour for the Trump is at noon as usual...

Putin wins again!

Wow! Who would have thunk that a man whose chief accomplishment was the killing of a country would have been voted back in for another six years? Well, Putin is that man and reports are that it was a landslide victory! (I viewed a few stories that indicated citizens were 'encouraged' to vote for him or they might receive a slap on the wrist or some such thing. I'm sure that is just plain hogwash however). Why, I'll bet people from some other countries, like the Ukraine, even snuck across into Russia just to vote for this great dictator man.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018

At 11, I got my first gun!

Not all that long ago, say back in the 50's sometime, America was about to embark on a time of great prosperity. People everywhere worked hard, attended church and helped to build a great Republic. I remember those times pretty well. I had a great family and while there were problems, the local community pulled together and helped each other out. Guns were part of the background, back then, and rarely were the topic of newscasts.

Fast forward to today and look at the culture changes that have occurred. The family unit is disintegrating for tens of millions, God is fast taking a back seat to atheists, homosexuals and the gender confused. Universities talk nothing but trash when it comes to an American ideal that is fading very quickly. To tell the truth, it's getting pretty shitty out there as we are all fast becoming strangers. So, it's really no surprise that people are on the constant lookout for someone or something to blame. And, guns are often the focus when it's really a mirror we should all be looking into....

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Racial equality right here, right now!

After watching event unfold in the Sanctuary State of California, I became inspired at the thought of turning Forsyth Missouri into a Sanctuary City for all religions! Sure, places like San Francisco have a just a few troubles like people defecating in public, the drugs, the tent homes and the like. But on the brighter side, for anyone with a less than a sterling past, you can break some laws and still find haven anywhere in that wonderful state!

Now, while I'm not advocating for people to break any laws, I would like to see the esteemed City Council moving quickly forward to provide free housing, food and healthcare for the less fortunate of our species. That's the fair and Progressive thing to do! Perhaps a trailer park could be erected down in Shadowrock Park where we could house people from all walks of life. Just picture a few hundred or more dwellings with a divergent mix of poor blacks, illegal Mexicans, some Argentinian folks and perhaps a few dozen Muslim's all proving that they can live peacefully together while enjoying the many benefits that Uncle Sam would gladly provide! (Why, I would bet that after only a few months, some of the townspeople would even want to relocate there, so that they could also become fully immersed in the various cultures)!

And no! I don't want any credit for an idea whose time has come and which is supported fully by the Democratic Party members I've already discussed it with. But, just imagine what could happen if my idea were to take root right here in the bosom of America and then spread like wildfire! I'm so excited about this that I've sent off notes to organizations like ANTIFA and BLM to see if they could also come and help out. See ya all at the Park!