Friday, May 30, 2014

Some benefits of not mowing the grass!

Don't want to mow your lawn?

Apply for status as a wildlife refuge! - Granted!

Apply for Federal Assistance to populate the land with endangered loggerhead turtles! - Granted!

Apply for a special assistance to feed said turtles. Granted!

$10,000 per week Federal assistance from the BLM!

Apply to EPA for research grant to study Loggerhead turtles - Granted!

$3 million dollar annual grant awarded! Woo Woo!


Sit back, enjoy and watch the neighbors cut their grass!
And, what the hey! Enjoy a bowl of turtle soup for dinner!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

In Mexico, you make a simple innocent mistake and go to prison!

Under Mexico's system of justice, you are guilty until proven innocent! 

That kind of thinking is not the American way!

Maybe it's getting time we sealed this border....

And, oh yeah, I know this man will be released June 4th. But, that event will have nothing to do with our President total lack of action and so, the stain of his inaction will remain long after... 

History will ask, of the citizens, what were you thinking when you elected this loser to office? 
Do not trust the government, for anything. Trust only those close to you.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Obama – don't bother talking anymore! I'm no longer listening!

I will no longer will listen to anything this idiot, this liar and consummate deceiver of men has to say! To me, he is a Satan who has now managed to set the rest of the colored race back a million years. I am so sick and tired of the same old crap issuing from his mouth, as a once great Republic, now slowly sinks beneath troubled waters. if you think I'm wrong...come back in six months.

This man, this one little man, is extremely evil in my opinion. He is as bad as the worst of the Islamic extremists and he needs to go. Period. I plan to do all that there is in my legal and Constitutional power to oppose all that he stands for. (And, that goes for his minions four times over)!

In addition to opposing this man and his warped concepts, I plan to actively and aggressively protect my Republic against all who would undermine or attempt to subjugate it in any manner whatsoever.

This plan of action I have, in the form of Civil Disobedience, is not only good and just, but it is also written in the very fiber of the Constitution; a great document written by men who were far wiser than I.....If there are a few who will join me, please comment. Otherwise continue to hope that someone else, perhaps the feckless Media, will stand in your place!

An aside: I am very aware that very few will read this and that the large majority of men and women in this country prefer to remain unaware of what goes on around them politically. To them, I say good bye America...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Obama's own way to handle scandals....

I guess it takes a Harvard professor to come up with a plan like this! It's sheer brilliance is due to the manner in which major incursions into the foundation of our Constitution have been breached time and again with the perp still being able to stay in office. So far, there have been 24 scandals (and counting) attributed with or attributable to Obama's office....and he has a long time yet to go!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A simple message - boycott and stay away from Mexico!

The country of Mexico, in my opinion, is a hub of evil and corrupt government officials. I would advise any Americans who are considering visiting this country, to think about alternative destinations that are a little less dangerous!


If you get into trouble down there, don't count on the US government's help!

New spy satellite launched into space?

Earlier today, an Atlas 5 launch successfully lifted off at 9:09 AM EDT from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida and placed into orbit a classified spy satellite payload for the U.S. National
Reconnaissance Office. The thing is, was it really a spy satellite or a missile launch platform? With my trust of the government at an all time low, I'd really like to know who really knows! I sure don't!

At a tough time in our nation's history, I've begun to wonder more and more often, just what my government is up to while I'm sleeping!

For instance, with the purse strings drawn ever so tightly for programs like Defense and NASA, how is it someone seems to come up with the millions (billions?) needed to develop and then launch a satellite? And, I'll bet my bottom dollar that no one in the media will give a hoot or a holler as the story that's behind this story!

Six years later...

When election time swings around, I want everyone to take a good look around. How many of your friends are either unemployed or underemployed? Are you making financial ground, just treading water or going down for the count? Most importantly, do you want to continue on the course that Obama and his crowd have laid out for America?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Obama's way of dealing with scandal and crisis...

A crisis or scandal occurs...
Obama's response...
Dither & Deny!

Have Jay spin it to the media!

Then, when enough time has elapsed...

Dismiss it as old news and make a joke of it!

Seriously America! For how much longer are we going to take this crap?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vote Republican!

As an independent voter, I'm a bit pissed off by what's going on in Washington these days. And, while I am not so sure the Republicans are the answer, I do feel strongly that they are by far the lessor of two evils.

Having said that - if you must vote for a Democrat, at least vote for someone who is fresh out of the gate! The same goes for any of the incumbent Republicans who are 'entrenched' in the good old boy system that is leading the country to ruin. Let's clean up Congress this fall and then unite and go after the real problem in 2016!

Lastly, all those who are below the poverty line and who must live day to day at the behest of the government... On the day of its total collapse, which I feel strongly is now in the cards. They will find that they are totally screwed and abandoned and will be among the very first to perish....

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Washington's biggest lie to the American people!

Week in week out, our elected representatives and their minions stand in front of podiums on Capitol Hill and talk about politics and ONLY politics. Mostly they spin what they talk about. Increased Federal spending and waste becomes and 'investment'. Al Qaeda terror is not growing, low and behold they're almost gone! Printing fake money 24/7 is Quantitative Easement and is a good thing! You all deserve trillions in entitlements...well you get the picture.

But the biggest whopper that's been endlessly fed to the masses is one of hope! (President Obama even made a slogan out of it with his Hope and Change)! Even as the country was entering the early death throes caused by a crushing National Debt, the Machine that is our government continued to move money from one pocket to another in a sort of shell game that continues to this day. But, surprise, they're running out of pockets. Worst yet, they're running out of stuff to put into those pockets! Soon, the jig will be up, as they say.

Right now! Even if we were to go on a crash course to try and reverse our economic fortunes, it would not change the outcome. You see, the train has gone over the cliff some time ago! And, before long, not even that lying weasel, Jay Carney, will be able to make the cadaver that is our country look more than what it is. A very dead cow!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Benghazi, the enduring and ongoing lies!

All by itself, I could have swallowed some of what Washington spoon fed us dumb Americans early on as four brave lie bleeding and abandoned in a foreign land. Hilliary said it was due a 'video'! A video that incited mass demonstrations on - wait for it - the anniversary of 911! A strange coincidence? In actuality, it was a well coordinated terrorist attack, complete with mortars and heavy assault weaponry. I could have believed that, back ten years or so ago! I was really pretty naive back then. After all, I would have died on the words of my President - just as millions of soldiers before me have died in foreign wars.... But, this time, it was all a lie. (A lie he even managed to further promote by jailing the poor SOB that made a video that very few people, even today, today have seen).

Recently, there has been solid and credible information released in the form of an Email, that seems to paint the Obama Administration as a group of desperate and deliberate liars. Men and reputable women (seriously Nancy your getting almost as stupid as Harry), who were perhaps trying to promote a left wing bandage to get Obama re-elected - even as the last of life's blood of four brave men dripped slowly into the earth. (If this is true, it was an affront to every man or women who has died protecting our honor).

In my humble view, any of these four men were head and shoulders above the disgusting and sickening crud that now inhabits, no, let me be clear - infests our land's highest office. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, these elected officials still defiantly sit in dark corners and spin the lies and the misconceptions that will someday become their most enduring mark in history.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Extremists threaten to sell girls! A cancer lives on this earth!

“AN ISLAMIST EXTREMIST – [fill in the blank]!

Truth be told – Islamic extremists are dickless, shoe sucking cancers on the face of this planet. Satan has his hooks in the anal canal of each and every one of these jokers who, I'm told have jackals for mothers. They are cowards of the very first order who cannot even reveal their faces to the rest of humanity. Cowards, all who snipe from dark corners and who have no real spine for anything approaching an American's soldier in battle. I spit on them and all their progeny as a lasting insult to their fucked up god.

Other than that, I hope they do well in hell. Extermination with extreme prejudice is authorized. Let the Hounds of Hell loose on these peoples...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Continue to handle Putin with kid gloves, Mr. President!

As Obama continues to handle Putin with kid gloves, the Russian leader is preparing to bloody some noses all across the Ukraine! As Washington continues to dither about looking for soft solutions, Russia is making solid military moves all along the Ukrainian eastern border. Just the next stage in a series of moves to recover all the original satellite states of the old Soviet Union. Putin has already taken the measure of Obama and is possibly correct in his conviction that the man is both a pacifist and a coward.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


12:14 PM – The temperature was hovering at about 60°F under partly cloudy skies with a 2 mph wind out of the west. I got the garden areas watered. The potatoes in RB#2 were hilled up under cloudy and cool skies.

I dusted off my two good rifles – a .308 and .223, finally - they needed it. They had been idle far too long! A man must take care of his weapons, even a dove such as myself! I then listened to Fox News about the ongoing and now tiring Benghazi mess. (Seriously, no one in their right mind would swallow the idea that, then Sec of State, S. Rice was actually so naive as to blame a dumb video as the principle cause of the deaths of 4 Americans). If true – we are in more much trouble than I thought! Stupidity runs rampant! Can we be very far off from another American Revolution? Personally, I know that I don't want abject morons, like 
like Obama, Reid and Pelowsi governing me while driving this Republic of mine into increasingly impossible debt! Everyone, please get a grip and let's get this scum cleaned out of Washington at the ballot box!

Fall elections could be a bloodbath!