Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Islamic terrorists = The dumbest people on earth!

Numb nuts united!
While watching the events unfold on this date in the UK, I couldn't help be be reminded on how the average terrorist is put together. You have a pair of shrunken gonads to which is attached some limbs and that's about all there is. No brain, no intellect and definitely no common sense! Even a five year old child could understand that killing others to advance your particular ideology is self limiting and ultimately pointless. And to do it in honor of some sicko religion borders on the macabre.

Now, while I did not know at the time if the attacker(s) was/were religious dingbat Muslims, the modus operandi fits the mindset pattern to a tee. I.E. Take one impressionable youth who has been raised in abject poverty all his life, fill his head with pornographic images of an afterlife with 72 virgins, give him a gun or strap explosives on his back and then send the chump off to kill and maim innocents! Sadly, as that boy toddles off with his oh so religious dick in hand, he never even bothers to look back and observe those 'leaders' as they quietly slink back into their dark holes.  Cowards, you can see, love dark places. They even hide their faces behind masks as they would never be caught dead on any real field of honor... because they have none.

Meanwhile, these young, brainless jihadists, continue to fling themselves against impenetrable walls of human sanity and sobriety. Their pathetic deaths constitute a process that so pointless as to almost inspire dark humor. You see, Allah isn't proud at all, he's sickened... and his sick child, Khalid Masood, just another wasted piece of biotic matter being flushed away...