Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's time to start cleaning up Washington!

Iet's at least get some new blood in Congress!
The equation for this fall's coming election is really quite simple. Vote the incumbents out of office!

We've been lied to by both sides of the isle for decades! That must and will stop! It's time we replaced these bozo's with men and women who are willing to answer both to the people and to God by providing good, hard and honest service to the citizens of this great Republic!

Let the motto for the New Congress be: Simplify, simplify, simplify! Let our representatives seek to; cut the budget and make it sustainable, deregulate the hell out of commerce, and to re-empower the individual States so as to allow them to take care of their own and to seek their own unique Destinies.

Finally, let us demand that our government proclaims that 'We are a Nation under God and shall forever seek to be FREE and that we will strive to grant FREEDOM for any who seek it!'

Accept nothing less and we will win back our country!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Far Left's Playbook for Success!

In all fairness, the Far Left did not invent deception, they've only refined it to a higher level!

There's something to be said for endless repetition, and the Far Left has embraced that concept to the max. But, lately I've grown very tired of watching President Obama and others of his ilk stare into the camera while telling bald-faced lies! Lies that are often exposed the next day by the fact checking media, but such actions are most always too late as they have already have had the intended effect... to sway the extremely sway-able!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A nation divided cannot stand. America your future awaits!

In my limited world view, I see just two classes of people left in America these days – those who currently are working and those who are not (for whatever reason). Percentage wise, I think its about 50-50, with the working class slowly disappearing as more and more citizens are encourage by the current Administration to go on some form of welfare or entitlement program.

[And, who's paying for them? Actually no one is. How do you think we got to 17 trillion in debt in the first place?]

Eventually, like any household that lives under such a crushing load of debt, it will all fall down. (It has to as there is no other country that can or would bail us out of trouble). When this does occur, be it later in this decade or the next, the fall will be terrible and swift! And, it's not just me saying that either – you have to look no further than to the Government Accounting Office itself to hear the very same predictions! This quote was taken directly from the GAO's website: “GAO's federal simulations show that absent policy changes, the federal government faces a rapid and unsustainable growth in debt.”

So, what does 'unsustainable' mean for the average working American of the near future? Allow me to put forward a few ideas...
  1. The US dollar will not survive as the world's backup currency. China's Yuan Renminbi is most likely to become the new backup. At which point our dollar will become practically worthless and everyone would have to quickly learn the ins and out of the barter system!
  2. America would lose it's status as a world power with all that that implies...
  3. The wholesale cost of goods will skyrocket and Americans will have to learn a whole new meaning to the terms 'generic' and 'limited availability'!
  4. The Health-care system many enjoy today will collapse utterly, only to be replaced by a single payer system which means little or no choice of doctor, long lines at the clinics and a general downgrade in the overall quality of care. The poor and the elderly will suffer the most.
  5. The United States military machine will be largely dismantled leaving American citizens completely vulnerable to terrorists attacks. (Think of conditions in Syria today and you'd be on the money).
  6. Our international borders would become almost completely porous as aliens of many nationalities would freely cross on a daily basis. Big boons in slavery, drugs and prostitution would ensue.
  7. The Republic and the freedoms we have all enjoyed for 238 years will be no more. In its place will be a divided and torn collection of rouge leaders who will live or die based on the whims of a succession of coupes. They will not serve you, you will serve them!
  8. Cities, that are even today teetering on insolvency, will collapse sends millions into the countryside looking for food and sustenance. Large bands of gangs will become common.
  9. Diseases that were unheard of will become much more common as even the most basic practices of sanitation break down.
  10. Life in America will become just two things for most; brutal and short.

Wake up America! Time is getting short.........

Monday, February 10, 2014

If you don't fit in? You just might be an eagle!

Leadership involves believing in yourself, having a vision, trusting in God and having the desire to work to make your dreams come true...

It's sad to say, that I can see only one of those qualities in our current President. Come 2016, let us not make the same mistake by electing Hilliary Clinton to an office she is ill prepared for.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Never mind America!

Never mind that we all live in an insane world where oftentimes brute force combines with fear to rule over the weak, the sick and the innocent. Never mind that America – once the bastion of hope and freedom for the world, has now been laid low by the forces of evil from within. Never mind a world that slides ever more quickly into the depths of despair....

Just continue on America, walking about with eyes wide shut and ears firmly plugged to the sound of the dismantling of a once great Republic! Just continue on with the burial of living children and children yet to be, in a huge dung heap of debt! Insuring that their adult lives will surely be both brutal and short!