Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A traitor among us? I give you Obama and fiends.

Obama is merely buying time to save his black ass. That's the long and short of his insane deal with Iran.

You and me, us older folks, will do OK over the next 5 years. Our children will be another story. This charioteer, this hoodoo voodoo black man, has set a new low standard for stupidity. He has wrecked this Republic and it will not survive. Even a neophyte politician could see that. Events, as they unfold in the later parts of 2015, will show my point.  Nothing more to write.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Raqqa syria strike!

ISIS leadership was shocked when their 'God' did not somehow advise or protect them from a Fourth of July attack on the city of Raqqa in eastern Syria by coalition forces. [Oh gosh, what a f'ing surprise].

If you look carefully, at the photo above, you can just make out some of ISIS followers ascending to a blissful life with their virgins.... That's a good thing... yes?

It's my fervent hope that the trend of cowardice championed for so long by the Obama regime, has now begun to change! Hopefully, the thirty thousand Muslim ISIL losers (with the collective IQ of an anvil in my opinion) will soon go to a quick, a just and final end.... Good bye and so long and gee thanks to the Muslim Nation for never saying a word of support in all this time..... I'm guessing that yellow must be their national color...