Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No matter what! We'll get it in the end!

No matter what happens, you're in this together is the message from a government that increasingly is distancing itself from the rest of the country's declining fortunes. While the average American's income has gone down for the first time in memory, government spending has skyrocketed from 1.5 to 4.5 trillion under Obama's watch. It would seem the party in Washington goes on no matter what!

But wait! There's more!

The year 2015 should be an especially exciting time for the Middle Class, as it gets pummeled with an increasingly devalued dollar! All that happening at a time of major increases in the cost of food, gas and energy! (But that's OK, because most of the little you earn will have been targeted by new and more 'progressive taxes')!

Wake up America! - You are being progressively screwed by a smiling group of con men who will disappear into the woodwork when the final bill comes due!

Monday, April 28, 2014

The problem with biker swap meets!

I recently visited a biker swap meet held in a local park and was disappointed as a result! In a word, the event was totally disorganized, being little more than a few true vendors situated in a sea of flea market sites! There was no rhyme or reason to most of these either, being composed of people sitting next to a jumble of bike parts with no apparent organization as to what they were or what cost was being asked. (The sole individual that did seem to have it together occupied most a shed and was selling a deeply stocked inventory of leather goods, pins, helmets and other paraphernalia that are part of the biking experience. Kudos to him, although I never got a business card or even his name). Lastly, for an event where people are hopefully going to show up and spend money, I was fleeced for a $5 admission fee before even getting inside! I'm sorry, but that will be the last time I bother attending what is essentially a cluster fuck!

Why area bars and restaurants go downhill and then close!

Seeing a bar or restaurant close and then reopen under another name has become old hat these days. Right here in my small town, there are two restaurants that closed with a new one re-opening in about a week! I feel that there are three forces are at work that allow for an establishment's eventually demise after a nice long slide downhill. One of them is evident to anyone who has ever been a small business owner; taxes and regulations! Piles and miles of taxes and regulations are constantly being passed at all levels of government; local, state and Federal, and have put the kibosh on many a business persons dreams and aspirations. Let's face it, when your operational margin is slim to begin with, it doesn't take much in the way of new fees to totally kill it. In the meantime, owners are doing all they can to just get by. And getting by means seeking out the cheapest labor, booze and food that's available for public consumption. So, that's number two. Marginal food served by poorly trained, incompetent men and women all in a setting that attracts the likes of the Health Department way too often.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important factor affecting the survival of many businesses, not just restaurants and bar, is the all pervasive sense of doom that seems to have settled like a cloak over the country these past five years! With millions out of work for extended periods of time, while millions more having given up looking for work entirely, the stage is being set to make failure the new success story for many Americans. Suddenly, a lot of your friends are now not only not working, but are learning how to game the system to elk out a more comfortable living off the backs of those who still pay taxes. And that number is dwindling and dwindling rapidly....

Is Cliven Bundy a racist? I wonder.

When Mr. Bundy made the comments about colored people being better off when they were slaves, I think that a lot of people misunderstood just what exactly he was trying to get at.

Long ago, being colored or Asian, (for that matter) meant that you were restricted by a society that was prejudiced and which limited your ability to live and function as a free person. The end result was a form of slavery where a life 'picking cotton' was often all the life you had. That much of what Bundy said was merely a statement of historical fact. But then, he stumbled when he tried to compare the lives of colored people (actually many minorities) when he said that they were 'better off' in those days then they frequently are under government sponsored programs that are tools of enslavement in their own right. He pointed to living conditions in which a large percentage of families are 'broken' with gang membership the only form of 'parenting' that now occurs. And yes, it's true! Their 'government sponsored lifestyle' has resulted in some startling and troubling facts! For instance, even though colored people make up just 30% of the general population, they account for 60% of those imprisoned and 1 in 3 can expect to visit prison sometime within their lifetimes! I think Bundy contends that figures like those are a direct result of a broken family structure and a growing dependence on Federal handouts just for them to survive! And, in that light, slavery was at least a somewhat 'safer' existence. Sadly, as of today, it's not just the minorities that are becoming more and more 'enslaved' by the New Nanny State - we're fast approaching a statistic showing half the US population on some form of entitlement program...

So, is Mr. Bundy an extremist? You betcha. But, I also remember a couple of quotes from President Regan when he said, "Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives." And, another time when he correctly forecast that, “Government is not a solution to our problem government is the problem.”

Monday, April 21, 2014

Anniversary of Boston Marathon bombing!

What kind of sick mind would ever think that going out, blowing up and disfiguring and killing innocent people, would ever advance any cause? Islamic extremists would and that's why they need to be eradicated from the face of this planet!

Mind you, I do not hate these people, I merely want to see them removed in a permanent fashion from the rest of humanity much as I would remove a cockroach from a kitchen floor.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Atheists need to go!

Is anyone else sick and tired of those self admittedly Godless atheists? What are they, like 1% of the population in America, if even that? I say they need to relocate to a country where they would be able to fit in better. For instance, I'm sure the Muslim countries would gladly take them in. After all, how could they hate someone who has no religion? At the very least, the average Islamic extremist would view them as non-persons. [Although perhaps, even there, they would be somewhat disdained for the little weasels they are].

So, does this view make me a racist? Well, as a practicing Christian, I readily admit to not being perfect! And anyway, I'm sure God will forgive me my sins.... Oh, and please watch this short video...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

As Russia moves, the clocks ticks closer to World War III!

April 2014 -Vladamir Putin and his blitzkrieg army are posed to invade and to redefine much of Eastern Europe even as our feckless President dithers his time away on some gold course.

The other countries are part of NATO which the United States is pledged to protect! I give you the next great embarrassment for our country, courtesy of a abject coward and total loser! That's my opinion and, I suspect, the growing opinion of a nation!

All the elements are coming together for another great World War and after the radioactive dusts settles, you can think back to this period of time and wonder what the heck we were thinking of...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Cost of groceries. Going up!

After shelling out about seventeen and a half dollars at a local grocery store today, I took a hard look at what I got for my money. There wasn't much in those plastic bags to be honest!

2 liter bottle of Pepsi                   Celery
Cherry tomatoes                          Dozen eggs
1 bell pepper                                 1 yellow onion
Instant coffee                               Bag of peanuts 

WTF! I thought to myself. I couldn't even afford to buy any meat on this trip! And, who do you think I blame - Obama and those Democrats! That's who!