Sunday, October 21, 2012

Iran! Get ready for an old fashioned ass kicking!

The time is drawing close for the free world to get serious concerning Iran. Forget any more sanctions. Forget shouting uselessly across the border at them. It's time for real action. Action in the form that only nut jobs like the leadership in Iran would or could understand. A good old joint American-European-Israeli ass kicking war!

While I feel bad for the mostly innocent population of this God forsaken country, they've had more than enough time to overthrow the idiots that rule over them. And, it would be a far greater service to whack the government now than it would be to allow millions to suffer the horrors of thermonuclear war some time in the future.

The West must get it through their heads that Islamic extremists want us dead or enslaved. They will only be happy when their twisted and sick doctrine of hate and subjugation is the law law for all men with themselves at the helm (of course). They will not stop until someone else puts a bullet in their heads. I say we should oblige them.
Update: As of early October 2012, the discussion is running more as to what type of war will occur. This article in Haaretz is rather chilling as it would seem that the powers that be are now trying to decide what kind or war it will be, not if there is war.