Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Is climate change being caused by the Republicans?

To even think that the Republican Party might be the cause of climate change is enough to make your skin crawl. But, as new evidence has come in, and as reported by the Science Department at MSNBC. It now appears that yes, a clandestine group possibly lead by Donald Trump (so not our President) has been actively colluding with Russia to change the climate over the northern hemisphere in a most dramatic fashion!

Why would anyone want to do that, you might ask...? Chief MSNBC scientist, Dr. Harvey Wortfield, thinks that he may just have the answer!

'After much study, I've come to the conclusion that a nefarious group of people, who I will not name, have been attempting to make the northern Hemisphere inhospitable for our colored and Latino friends.' Dr. Wortfield expanded on this statement; 'You see, by making the climate hotter over America, people of color could easily overheat much as a black automobile gets hotter than a white one.'

Another spokesperson over at CNN has also just confirmed that it did indeed look as though millions of our dark skinned citizens have been relocating to cooler locales like Canada, just possibly to escape the sudden increases in heat we've all seen this summer! (A situation that, if true, could spell real trouble for the Democratic Party come the midterms in November)! 

This author fully expects to hear a statement, fairly soon, about this developing crisis from experts like Maxine Waters....

Monday, July 16, 2018

Trump handles Putin's football very well!

Helsinki FI. – During the course of the press conference segment of the US-Russia summit, Vladimir Putin handed Trump a soccer ball, telling him that the 'ball is now in your court!' Trump handled it for only a moment, before quickly tossing over to his wife, Melania. I wondered what the real content of the subtext that existed in him presenting this 'gift'? The meanings could be frivolous or they could be deep. I prefer to think that Trump may have been sending a subtle message back to Putin, telling that both himself and his country were of somewhat minor importance.

We must never forget that the U.S. And Russia are competitors in the world, if not true enemies. What we enjoy in America is the antithesis of what goes for government in Russia. While the average American enjoys a free and open lifestyle, there is little, in Russia, that is not under strict government control. We represent Putin's worst fears concerning his ability to remain in power.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Trump to announce his Supreme Court pick!

So, here's where this country has ended up in 2018. President Trump was set to announce his Supreme Court nominee to replace the retiring Justice Anthony M. Kennedy at 9 PM. Monday, July 9. Mr. Trump is deciding among four finalists, all federal appellate judges: Amy Coney Barrett of the Seventh Circuit, Brett M. Kavanaugh of the District of Columbia Circuit, Raymond M. Kethledge of the Sixth Circuit and Thomas M. Hardiman of the Third Circuit. All four were on a list of 25 candidates the White House compiled with input from the conservative Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation.

All the candidates under consideration are top flight judges whose records are beyond reproach. Yet, when confirmation time comes around, you can bet the bank that not a single Democratic will cast a yea vote! Not because of anything being wrong with the candidate, but rather due to their political hatred for Trump and a fake fear of Roe vs Wade being overturned. So, now we will need ALL the Republicans to stick together, along with the President, in order to see that individual confirmed. What a sad state of the Union....

As a side note, I'm rooting for Amy Barrett. She has quickly become the favorite for many social conservatives in Trump’s base, who like that she hails from South Bend, Ind., is a devout Catholic and has expressed a willingness to overturn Supreme Court precedents!

Friday, July 6, 2018

On those Progressive ads with kids crying!

Get ready for a slew of ads by the Left depicting little kids crying. Their message, 'How can you be so cruel as to allow immigrant children to be separated from their parents? And, hey! Let's abolish ICE and open our borders wide! After all it's the Fair and Progressive thing to do'

OK, so a couple of behind the scenes stuff is actually going on here. The Democratic propaganda machine is simply using these kids as a tools to win elections. That's the whole shebang! They could give a rats ass about their welfare, as they can't even vote... But, their illegal alien parents can! Simmering, not far beneath the surface of that Party, is a win at any cost attitude... Even if they have to destroy a Republic to accomplish it.

But wait! There's more. Also working behind the scenes are pieces of crud like George Soros. People who really do want to foment a revolution and a dismantling of the current world power structure. (And, if complete chaos does ensue? Why then, that's even more appealing, as a profit can always be made from mass suffering).

The simple truth is that adults who break our country's laws will often have their children removed from them, while they cool their heels in jail. That's the breaks of the game and what results from having criminal parents to begin with. Likewise, anyone who drags their kids across our southern border, with the express intent of being given a fair pass, will also have their kids yanked from them....

Ladies and gents. This is not a game. It's about the survival of a way of life that others want to see destroyed. Only when America has been reduced to Third World status will they go off on other other 'righteous' pursuits.