Monday, August 31, 2015

The Freedom From Religion Foundation violates my sense of freedom!

No, actually, your movement causes my bowels to clinch!
The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a group of wing nuts, genetic misfits and Godless individuals period. Do everything you can, short of violence, to eject them from this Republic.

I feel a good place for them to move (forcibly?) would be an ISIS encampment in Syria. They could then spew their hatred for life and God in the face of people of like views. [Note: That will not stop ISIS from beheading them on the media, however]. Hmm. Perhaps there might be some divine justice there, after all.

As a movement, Black Lives Matter are scum!

Anarchists bent on the destruction of this Republic!
Any group like Black lives matter, which constantly spews hatred and calls for the death of the very people that protect us from harm, ARE the enemy - They are real and present traitors to our Republic and our way of life and therefore are condemned by me, my friends and every God fearing American.

I support the police, firemen and anyone else who places themselves in harms way on my behalf.

The crud, the slim that belongs to this movement can all die on the morn and I would not miss them.

Shannon Miles - The dumbest man in the world!

May God have mercy on this sick and demented man's soul!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Let's kill ransom-ware hackers!

Men, women or children who work and live in countries that are at internet war with the US need to be classified the same as ISIS. They are cockroaches in desperate need of extermination. I would like to call on the Congress of the United States to urgently pass a bill that would support with hard cash rewards, any mercenary who endeavors to get out and kill any individual proven to work in the ransom-ware profession. And, please let's make this effort very lucrative by offering such perks as citizenship for those who excel and who live in foreign nations, and perhaps cash in the amount of tens of thousands of dollars for everyone here or abroad. And maybe even a bonus of one million USD if they manage to take down a whole nest of these hackers!

Seriously, this trend of holding people's computer ransom will only grow with time as even now now police departments all across this country are being held hostage and are even paying money to get their own systems back on line! It's way past time to go after the crud of humanity that make this sort of misery a profession!

Let me be clear, just as with ISIS, I would like to see drafted a bill that would remove any and all methods of killing these rodents that share the planet with the rest of civilized life. I hope I made myself clear on this point.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hillary the great liar! But, I might just vote for her!

Hillary Clinton is a crook, a liar and a traitor in my view.  You'd think I'd want to see her defeated in the coming 2016 election. Actually, no. It is my considered opinion that this Republic is totally finished. And so, perhaps I'll vote for the single most likely person to finalize the collapse of this once great capitalist experiment and drag it down to a hell that few here could imagine. And, that's the point. I am so disgusted with the ignorant masses who have no clue, that I might even feel a small thrill as they move rapidly and ruinously into a brutal and very short life.