Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where will America stand on that day?

In the event that our friend and long time ally, Israel, is attacked by those who have sworn her destruction and our government stands idly by to watch... That lack of action would ignite a fire here at home that would be hard to ever extinguish!

Things we owe President Obama and the Democrats!

Affordable health-care – Poof, it's now completely screwed up for most everyone!
Balanced budget – Are you kidding me!
Benghazi – A real CF!
Cheap & affordable energy – Not gonna happen in our lifetime!
Educational reform – Ask any mom how that's working out...
International trust & respect – I'm dying of laughter here...
Internet control – We built it, we paid for it and we controlled it – but, not for much longer!
Keystone pipeline – Ignored for over 5 years now by Obama...
Protection of our Allies – The Ukraine – do I need to go on?
Space program – Gone, dismantled and now Russia takes us into space...

On a good note – the President IS and engaging speaker...

Seriously though, anyone who is in his position needs to be able to lead effectively. And, such leadership, involves the ability to bring men and women with differing views to consensus.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Russian troops invade Ukraine! Obama poops his britches!

Just how long will it be before the news media will post the headline, 'Russian troops march into eastern Ukraine!' I'd say not very long and I say this for a rather simple reason. It takes a lot of rubles to support a standing army stationed on another country's border. Russia currently has somewhere between fifty and one hundred thousand troops on the Ukrainian border. Russia, with not so very deep economic pockets, one has to wonder just how far into April we'll get before either an invasion takes place, or the troops will be sent back home to refit? Here's a hint! The later will not happen!

And what of our great President during this critical period of time? I can personally guarantee that Obama will do absolutely nothing. He might shake his finger, he might bow some more... But, as far as offering any real resistance? You can forget about it. Europeans are already aware of this fact and are preparing to cower in unison as the next of a series of Russian takeovers kicks into a higher gear.

President Obama may even be calculating, something along the lines that if he can just stall long enough, World War III will be the problem of some other President! A bit of a fetch, I agree. The thing is, I know that many of us Americans are sick and tired of waging war. God knows we've been involved in enough conflicts. Lives have been lost, blood has been spilled and trillions spent. But, our willingness to get involved when other people's rights are trampled is exactly what's set our country apart from all the others! Now is not the time to turn our backs on those in need!

When silence is golden!

Recently, I was sitting at a local bar when a person sitting next to me remarked that I didn't seem to have very many friends. I looked over at him and thought, 'you twit, there aren't any people in this town, I would even want as a friend!' Rather than saying that out loud, I just smiled as though in complete agreement...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

WWIII! How soon will it be?

I don't want to come off as always seen as an Obama-basher! I'm sure the man has good intentions. But, the world that we live in is a dangerous one with men like Putin threatening the liberties of others every moment of every day. We have Muslim extremists who want to kill us by any means possible. We have a failing economy that is going weaker every day. And, then we have Barrack Obama and his left wing nut cases running the government. That folks is a recipe for sure disaster. Mark my words!

Friday, March 21, 2014

A return to Second Life!

After a two year hiatus, I elected to rejoin Second Life. Happily, all my inventory was restored to me so I didn't have to start from scratch! If you check into this virtual reality - be sure and look me up - my avatar is called Danomanno Redyard!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A short video, made especially for Mr. Putin!

I would guess that after Mr. Putin had met on numerous occassions with our President, he might have walked away with the idea that America and us Americans are real pussies. Well, that's simply not true... While it may be correct to say that our President IS a pussy, the rest of us can be pretty darn feisty when we need to be...especially our Armed Forces!

To Putin and to the Russians, and to any nation who would infringe on the freedoms of individuals in allied countries - 'We don't blink and we sure as hell don't run from a fight!'

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The fleecing of America continues!

An open letter to the people of the United States!

So how's things working out for ya in this, the six year of Obama's reign? How's that job going? You do have a job, right? I don't. And, even though I'm retired and on social Security, I'll need one soon or face the prospect of a negative cash flow as I struggle with skyrocketing health insurance costs (up 100%), food prices (up 12 %), energy costs (up 15%) and a host of other expenses all of which are on an upward spiral to who knows where! But, I'm sure that people like me are in the minority and that most everyone else is making those big bucks while working fewer hours and taking long and happy vacations.... yeah, that sounds about right!

(I wrote a letter to Obama addressing my issues and the questions I have, but have not heard back from him yet.)

America, at some point the Fed will stop printing money and then the stock market will completely crash, perhaps not to return for a decade or more. What are your plans for when that happens....

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Drought in California to cost everyone!

The decade long drought in the Central Valley of California is getting worst. According to some experts, it will not improve for some time to come and that has consumers worried!

An area in central California that has been called the 'Supermarket of the Nation' is drying up big time. Even with a recent storm system that dropped copious amounts of rain, 94.56% of the state of California remains in a state of drought, the same as it was before the storm. However, the area of "exceptional" drought -- the worst category, in dark red on the map -- dropped from 26.21% to 22.37%. so, that was some slight improvement in what is a dire situation! Along with the disappearance of the needed water may go the affordable food prices that so many American have been used to for so long. This coming summer, prices may rise at least 10% and that could be across the board! Affected would be vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products! This happening at a time when millions are struggling just to get everyone in their family properly fed!

Look around everyone! Gasoline prices are on the rise, jobs are increasingly hard to find and now the cost of just eating to live is about to go up...way up! My question is, what will be the next shoe to drop?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Black Nation and the NRA!

Watch this, think about it and then maybe ask some questions.... I own a gun and intend to keep it! No matter what! Wake up everyone... will you abandon Connecticut's citizens and their fight for gun rights and the protections guaranteed us under the 2nd Amendemnt? Praise God! I don't think so....