Thursday, February 11, 2016

Heads up Iran!

America must appear somewhat strange to a country like Iran - Under Obama we appeared to be soft and cuddly as a nation. Well, that will change in about 343 days from the time of this post.

At some point, starting in 2017 and God willing. Our military will revisit the complete piece of crap that is your leadership. Personally, I would like to promote carpet bombing and to hell with the collateral damage. However, I understand that approach will not likely be taken up by our Congress.

So, under Executive Order, I would encourage the next 'real' President to sign a piece of paper authorizing precision drone attacks to seek out each and every morally decayed one of you. I will also make the suggestion that these 'horrific' executions be shown in high definition to the rest of the world. Ok! So, think about that. You dick wads have a little bit of time left before we march in with the hounds of hell on our heels!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Donald Trump, the petulant child who would be king!

The man or woman that we elect this fall to take the reigns of a very troubled country will likely be our last chance to save the Republic, if it can be saved at this point. Whoever takes over as President will not be liked much as that person will have very difficult decisions to make going forward.

Candidates who would kill and mangle the US are as follows; Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump! Of the three, I think Trump would be the person most likely to bring down sheer chaos on all our heads. Look! He's not even our President, but is already giving everyone a display of just how petty and childish a grown man can be. (And, he doesn't seem to care who knows it)! Four years of another narcissistic ego maniac in the highest office would be more than I think I could bear! For Donald is just another Obama, only in white skin...

Of the other two candidates, I like Bernie much more than Hillary. Bernie is very open and honest about his desire to turn America into a Socialist State. His methods would very quickly cut through corporate America like a knife, and the ensuing death of a Republic would be swift as thousands of corporations moved away. (Hey, if you're going to get killed, let it be swift, I figure).

Hillary is a proven liar and a crook who is also prone to hide behind closed doors doing the sort of deals that will ensure that her family will prosper, even at the expense of everyone else. I have never gotten the impression that she cares one iota for the citizens that would make her a Queen. Of the three I've mentioned, she is by far the most dangerous potential assassin to the ideals of the Middle Class. Just imagine four more years of Obama and you'd get it about right!

So, who does that leave? On the Democratic side; Biden. On the Republican side; any of the remaining candidates!