Sunday, August 31, 2014

It would be funny, were it not true!

September 11 is Patriot Day!

In the United States, Patriot Day (known in full as Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance) occurs on September 11 of each year, designated in memory of the 2,977 killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Let us never forget that Islamic Extremists, mainly in the form of IS, are dedicated to the destruction of Christianity. They represent Satan's best effort at establishing his evil domain here on earth and must be exterminated at all costs.. and by any means available!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Over here in the US, we don't have to wear a mask!

America is going through some very trying economic times! Many of us are working two or more jobs, just to make ends meet and feed our families. But, we are a very tough lot, and tough times only make us stronger as a people. And, ISIS, it would be our pleasure to mop the floor up with the likes of you...  

American men are ready, willing and able; even as our current President dithers away his time on the golf course!

[Obama! Sir, you are, and will remain forever in my opinion, a national disgrace. Internationally, you will be the butt of jokes for many years yet to come. And, that's a sad fact!]

Saturday, August 23, 2014

ISIL, a message. L، رسالة

في هذا اليوم، وقد تم الافراج عن كلاب الصيد من الجحيم

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ISIL, a study in how stupid a group of humans can be!

Yes, we get it! Evidently, you ISIL dimwits are slow to thought while being quick to primitive and heinous actions. You figure that while you can't strike America directly, you can still resort to killing innocents and placing that on a YouTube video. OK, here's some simple math for you to mull over. One dead American (now 3 all told), will equate to thousands of you dying  horrible deaths. Ever see that aftermath of a cluster bombing attack? Not pretty. Kill more innocents, and we will bomb all of you back to the very gates of hell (where you originally came from)! See! Simple math that even the likes of you subtards can figure out....
Abde Majed Abdel Bary

Let me cover this one more time for clarity: 1 of us = 1000+ of you! Capish? [And, as for that British assassin.. We will find out where you are just a assuredly we will discover who you are! And then, we will find you again just one final time. That's not just a promise mister, it's a guarantee!] Intelligence forces already have a target of interest.... Abde Majed Abdel Bary!

An aside in Sept: I wonder how it feels to be bombed by your own people? IS/IL - hate is an acid.... sometimes is splashes right back at you.

Something bad walks this way.....

Wanted - preferably DEAD! Members of this extremest Muslim group may be shot on sight.