Saturday, July 28, 2012

Company scraps plans for expansion over Obama-Care device tax!

An Indiana-based medical equipment manufacturer says it's scrapping plans to open five new plants in the coming years because of a looming tax tied to President Obama's health care overhaul law.
Cook Medical claims the tax on medical devices, set to take effect next year, will cost the company roughly $20 million a year, cutting into money that would otherwise go toward expanding into new facilities over the next five years.

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My take: Unintended consequences or not?

Friday, July 27, 2012

UN States Fail to Reach Global Arms Trade Treaty

Member states failed to reach agreement Friday on a new U.N. treaty to regulate the multibillion dollar global arms trade, and some diplomats and supporters blamed the United States for triggering the unraveling of the month long negotiating conference.

Hopes had been raised that agreement could be reached on a revised treaty text that closed some major loopholes by Friday's deadline for action. But the U.S. announced Friday morning that it needed more time to consider the proposed treaty — and Russia and China then also asked for more time.

My Take: This from the United Nations and Iran in particular" By God you Capitalist Pigs!  Can’t you see that we are only trying to remove of all your weapons of WAR (and protection)? We will win and you will lose, you American scum!" Uh, OK...

UN arms treaty to strip US citizens of gun rights!

A bipartisan group of 51 senators is threatening to oppose a global treaty regulating international weapons trade if it falls short in protecting the constitutional right to bear arms, as the United Nations bumps up against a Friday deadline for action.

In a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the senators expressed serious concerns with the draft treaty that has circulated at the United Nations, saying that it signals an expansion of gun control that would be unacceptable.

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My take: Duh!

July 29th - It failed because 51 stout-hearted Senators said NO!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The fight over Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial and its cross!

For decades, there has been a First Amendment battle raging over the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial in La Jolla, Calif., where a large cross anchors a tribute to Korean War veterans.
Because it sits on public property, the American Civil Liberties Union has long argued that the cross amounts to an unconstitutional entanglement of government and religion.

In 2011, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed, triggering an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, but in June, the high court justices declined to hear the case.

My take: Personally, I don’t understand the concept of the ‘separation of church and state’. Ever since this country was founded it's been all about God. Period.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Look out America! Your right to defend yourself is being sold down the river!

The arms trade treaty being hammered out by the United Nations is nearing completion, and the current draft shows it could lead to perpetual attacks on the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment and American foreign policy, critics say.

The document, which critics say has been framed by countries hostile to U.S. interests, allows for future amendments to be approved by just two-thirds of states showing up at an amendment conference. That means it could be agreed to by the U.S., put into effect and then changed over Washington's objections. And even if the U.S. Senate refuses to ratify it, the deal could have a huge impact on the global arms trade, where the U.S. is the biggest player.

My Take: Just how impossibly stupid is this? I can think of no faster way for a revolution to begin, than to listen to ANYTHING that is offered by this claptrap and retarded group of idiots otherwise known as the United Nations.

This load of crap has Obama's presence and irksome smell all over it. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 is a real piece of crapola!

That's it. Just speaking my mind. If you doubt that go to their site and be prepared to get really sick.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Please stop these personal attacks on my presidential candidates!

Read my lips, I don’t give a rat’s ass what either Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama has in the way of personal finances. What I care about is what they plan to do to rescue America from the bottomless pit of debt we all now find ourselves in.

Please guys, talk about positive plans to save the Republic before the Republic is no more. I want to hear about jobs, good medical care, education and exactly how we are going to get out of a 16 trillion dollar debt that has been hung around our necks.

I want answers and failing that, I plan to vote against every incumbent candidate I possible can no matter what side of the isles they happen to be on. These people have proven themselves to be losers and they are dragging my country down with their complete lack of ability. Let’s vote these schmucks out of office as often as the opportunity presents itself and keep on doing that until we get some men and women in Congress who understand that over spending and over regulation are cancerous for everyone concerned.