Sunday, November 25, 2018

The coming battle.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

A truly wonderful Thanksgiving!

As I had become something of a recluse, I did not attend any gatherings of people who celebrated Thanksgiving. It's just at my advanced age, I don't seem to handle crowds very well. (Crowds, to me, are any group over one or two people). Instead, I invited Jesus to sit with me at the table of plenty.

On this day, I felt the need to sit down and to reflect on my life. While millions and millions have little to nothing to eat, my table was graced with plentiful abundance. And, as I slowly ate, I reflected on the blessings that I feel the Creator has given to me and which I have gratefully received;

Two wonderful and caring parents.
The 60's and 70's as a time to grow up in!
A relatively sound mind and body, all these years.
Educational pursuits that enlighten and that continue to this day.
Large life challenges, but none so hard, that I could not overcome them.
Good and plentiful friends over the many years.
Shelter, food and clothing each and every year.
A country that is simply the best in the entire world!
 and finally
A love and a devotion to God and His Son. And, the desire to serve both faithfully, until the end of my time on this earth.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Calfornia. A state in chaos!

California: A state on the very edge of the cliff of bankruptcy. A state that has ignored proper forest management for decades, kowtowing to environmentalists, instead. A state that took billions of Federal aid that was earmarked for forest lands and which promptly disappeared. A state run by a cadre of Democrats who have failed in everything they've touched. Remember that train to nowhere? So far, 77 billion spent, a figure that may balloon to 98 billion with no finish in sight! well, perhaps if that money had been directed to forest management, then those rich people in Malibu wouldn't be looking at the ashes that were their homes.

Today, Middle Class citizens still living there, can often barely make housing and energy cost payments and are leaving in droves! They are being replaced by millions of illegal aliens, most of whom do not speak English and who immediately have their hands out for government subsidies as they have arrived broke, destitute and uneducated. Soon, there may be only two classes, the uber rich and the uber poor. and, they could get very interesting.

California. A state some people might actually be glad to see drop off into the ocean.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

THE US is a Nation of tribes! And that be a good thing!

Tribe: – Noun - 'a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, and typically having a recognized leader.'

Question: How often does a person like Nancy Pelosi invite and have members of Black Lives Matter over for dinner? How many people like you and me are ever invited?

If you answered zero, that would be pretty darn close. The fact is Nancy travels in her own tribe. A group of other affluent individuals that would be like oil and water were they to look at a Middle class slob such as myself.

Now is that a really bad thing? Heck no! Anywhere you travel in America, you will find small 'communities' of like individuals hanging out together. Sure, our towns and cities may have dozens of citizens of varying races, educational levels or religious beliefs. But, upon looking closely, you'll also see that any single person's circle of really close friends share many commonalities. Even age is a separator of sorts. (How many teens 'hang' with sixty year individuals)? Not many. They just don't have very much in common. And, that's really not a bad thing. We all generally have worked pretty well together in the past; going to our jobs, classrooms and whatever, over the many decades and have built up a rather nice mixed society as a result. It was the very existence of many tribes that gave us strength as a Nation.

Then, enter the Progressives. A group of people who preached forced brotherhood, (even if you didn't particularity like a particular brother). A Party who knew better than any other political group and who preached that gospel endlessly. People who have shamed us for even belonging to a tribe in the first place. Believe in something that they don't and you're immediately tagged a 'racist'. Root for your country above all other countries, and you're a Nationalist. Express your dislike of the gender confused or atheistic trash, and you're bigoted. And on and on it goes.... I think the term was called being politically correct. Balderdash!

For the record. I hang with the people I want to hang with, period. I love America and place her first above all other Nations and am proud of that fact. I follow the teachings of Christianity and am repulsed by 'extremism' of any sort or fashion. I want my borders to be secure and for people to follow the rule of law. I want for us to respect one another, while not having each others personal beliefs shoved up my ass. I want people like Nancy Pelosi to shut the fuck up! And, if that makes me a 'fill in the blank', so be it.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Tri-axis of Neuvo-Techno evil!

Perhaps in some distant future, many will come to understand that the three biggest threats that civilization faced was the neuvo-techno companies, such as the three mentioned above, who will make George Orwell's 1984 novel become a chilling reality. Remember. You're all being watched...

Friday, November 2, 2018

Midterms likely to dictate economy's direction!

In a few short days, on November 6, the Nation will be making a huge electoral decision.  Millions of voters, all across the Country, will decide on who will be the majority for both the Senate and the House. At this time, it looks like the Democrats will get one (the House) while the Republicans will likely maintain a majority in the Senate. That said, such a result would still spell eventual doom for what had been a very strong economy.

Over the past two years, Trump and friends have made very large inroads into fixing what had been broken by Obama, Pelosi and other Democrats. Losing the House will insure a return to those days of incipient gloom and doom, in my opinion. Today, unemployment among all races are at historic lows. The people of color are seeing real progress along many fronts with rising wages leading the charge. Women are now making serious inroads into determining our Nation's future as they have gained equality with men. Latino's are enjoying their highest rate of employment, ever! Our enemies actually pay attention to a President that makes a statement and then acts on it. Taxes have gone down. Regulations have been slashed and our southern border has been strengthened.... All good stuff for a Nation that is proudly standing on its feet once again.

After Tuesday, November the 6th, that will all change as the obstructionist Democratic Party resumes doing what they do best in Washington... Which is not really very much at all. Economic movement on a National level will likely begin to grind to a halt, as many citizens may again remember those sad years we spent under Obama's rule. China will be re-emboldened. The flow of corporations coming to America will slow and even reverse. The border will see a surge of illegals such as the world has never witnessed. Fear speech will once again be issued from the mouth of whoever gets elected Speaker of the house. (If that person is Pelosi, then we are definitely doomed as that lady is bat shit crazy).

The only thing that can change the current scenario is you the voter! Remember, if you are a Republican, please get to a voting booth and let's give those assholes a run for their money!