Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's all get off Ron Paul’s back in regards to Iran!

Last night during the debate in Arizona which was sponsored by CNN, Ron Paul continued with his policy of consistency. When asked about Iran’s intent on bomb making, Paul responded. ‘"We don't know if they have a weapon. As a matter of fact, there's no evidence that they have it." The International Atomic Energy Agency did not say in a Nov. 2011 report that Iran was definitely building a weapon, but it expressed strong concern that the country could do so. IAEA said that its information indicated that "Iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device." (The boo’s that received this statement troubled me deeply).

Ron Paul’s statement is absolutely true. We really do not have any compelling evidence that Iran is doing anything more than playing the West as though it was a big bass drum. The mere fact that ‘Archmadickajad’ has been proven time and again to be a congenital liar should be a wake up call for everyone. And, while I feel strongly that he ‘wants’ a nuke, I’m not sure how close he is to ‘having a functional weapon’ that could be delivered in any manner to a foreign soil. At any rate, Iran should be considered to be innocent until proven guilty by way of hard evidence in a court of international law! (Hint: Special Forces could get that information one way or the other if they really wanted to.)

I also stand with Ron Paul in his belief that, at some point in the past, America began prosecuting wars without the express vote to do so by an act of Congress. These wars were initiated based more on rumor than on facts and have bled our country over the course of the last decade as a result. (Today, you’d be hard pressed to see much difference in Iraq, as scores were killed yesterday in coordinated bombing and shooting attacks. It’s like we were never there)!

This does not mean we need reduce our Armed Forces and Congressman Paul agrees. It means a new and stronger resolve to insure that military is kept in a condition of ‘strike readiness’ both in numbers and in technology. What is not needed is the manner in which they have been deployed; as occupiers over 109 countries to little or no proven effect and at a cost of trillions to the national budget.

The bottom line: let’s take a hard look at where we wish to be as a military force; who it is that needs to be protected and the manner in which future conflicts will be engaged. And let these actions be transparent to all.

In matters of declarations of war, let that decision be brought before Congress and let Congress (not the President) be the ones to say yea or nay. That would be in line with both Representative Paul and the Constitution of the United States. (For all you far leftists and rightists out there, this means we play ball with your brains and not your dicks)!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On Recycling and Fiber Optics!

Two items that seem to have been lost in the Obama shuffle these past three years are recycling and fast internet access for all! Somewhere during all those exciting stimulus throw downs, during that disaster in the Gulf and now the election cycle; the basics have been largely ignored.

While the environmentalists have bridled and squandered their time ‘looning’ at a single pipeline running from one border to the other; they’ve been strangely quiet as tens of thousands of trucks laden with the refuse of a nation trundle towards landfills each and every day. Trucks brimming with discarded plastic bottles, steel cans, paper and glass. Much of which could have been recycled, but which is now destined to be the problem of future generations as it slowly leaches its toxins back into the water we drink.

Meanwhile, in rural homes all across the country, moms and dads struggle with poor internet speeds. The President’s promise of better connectivity for all...dead almost as soon as the words left his lips.

Three years now, the Democrats have been in charge and my nation. A country that finds itself on the brink of a new war as it labors under a burden of debt that is increasing by leaps and bounds. President Obama and his Administration have managed to levy a sum of over $16,000 of debt on every man, woman and child in this country with another year yet to go.

Now, as I sit here writing this tome with gasoline at an all time record high, out of work and a dim future ahead of me, I want to thank you Mr. President. I want to thank you for nothing!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Cesspool that is our Government!

While Obama has been likened to a country bumpkin when it comes to Foreign Affairs, the actions and record of Congress is of much greater concern to me as a citizen. Let's face the fact that while the President has managed to step into one cow pie after the other, at least everyone can understand it's due to the circle of loons that are advising him. He will go down in history as by far and away the worst leader of any country anywhere and at any time! That's a fact! But, he's just one man. Something that can't be said about the CF that is the august body of 454 individuals who have conspired, wittingly or otherwise, to gut the Republic to which they were entrusted.

In my view, these men and women of the 111th Congress, as a body politic, are a collection of power mongering, diseased and corrupt individuals whose sole purpose it is to keep the 'Party' going for as long as possible. The well-being of the American people was thrown under the bus a long time ago even as has much of the rest of the world. This group of individuals, who were once shining examples of a vast and great Republic, are now the laughingstock of the world. (Do they even care, I wonder)?

Sadly, I can't let people like myself off the hook for what has happened. For it was on my generation's watch that this tumor on Capitol Hill was allowed to fester and grow into the malignancy that it is today. My generation, and the ones after it, are rank and rotted in their own right. The absolute ignorance that is shown by the average citizen of even simple economic or political concepts is appalling. What hope can there be for this world when our so-called group of intelligent leaders insist that the world looks best with their collective heads up their ass?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sharia is not a religion, it's power politics at its absolute worst!

Make no mistake, those Islamic Extremists who would like to see Sharia Law become the 'Law of the World' do not see America or Americans as players in that world. They see us as dead. Period.