Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Those damn Republicans did it again!

With as many as three quarters of million workers due to be laid off in March as a result of the sequestration act (this according to our President), the unemployment rate figures due to be released in mid March will almost certainly look dismal. And you can blame the Republicans and Bush for all of it!

Picture this unpleasant and unfolding scenario; millions of undocumented workers streaming north across our fractured southern border (a fact), as HSF is forced to cut back, while almost a million (750K) are summarily laid off due to the cuts that will take effect in just a day or so. And that’s just the beginning of bad things to come according to President Obama. Also in the mix is the release of hundreds of hardened foreign criminals (this has happened already) along with the absolute and complete gutting of our armed services! (Factors that could easily play into an invasion scenario should China or Islam so elect). And, standing all around will be hard working citizens all asking, ‘What’s happening’?

Here’s what’s happening. The United States is being systematically altered, dismantled and forever changed into a country that few will want to remain in by the time newly crowned King Obama assumes full dictatorial control in about four years. I predict this country will look very similar to Greece by that time, with unemployment above 25%, lines forming at grocery stores while people wait for a chance to buy food they cannot afford, energy shortages at all levels with gas leading the way at $12 a gallon and a universal sense of doom suffered by all.

Thank you President Obama, thank you for nothing…

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Democrats as a whole!

Actually I should have left off the ‘w’ in whole. When they can’t achieve their liberal agenda’s on fair and legal grounds, they seem to have no problems with resorting to cheating. And, while I am not a Republican by any stretch, I’d have to give them the moral high ground in the area of gun debate.
‘President Obama supporters appear to be using fake Twitter accounts to send pro gun-control messages to members of Congress, Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman and conservative bloggers who also reviewed the messages said Monday.’

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The rise of the Libs and the Mods!

For a very long time Washington politics have centered on just two parties; the Democrats and the Republicans. Only recently has there been a viable contender for a third party. And yet, the so-called Tea Party has deigned to play that name game. They insist that they are not a ‘party’ so much as an idea. A collection of like minded people living and working as Moderates or Centralists or whatever the popular term of the moment exists that describes them the best. (After the fog is parted you have those who live on someone else's dime versus those who actually work for a living and who pay for the freeloaders).

[I would also like to clear the air, at this time, and proclaim that there are also two other parties in this great country. There’s the one going on in Washington where everything is all rosy and then there’s the one going on in the rest of the country where the word ‘hard’ increasingly describes the lifestyle of most.]

So, politically speaking, we all are either Liberals or we’re Moderates. That’s it! Individually, you either fall into a group of left or right extremists or you fall somewhere in the middle. Thoreau once wrote that ‘all things should be done in moderation’. (Words that have become the guiding principle of a hard working class of Americans who remain stubbornly moderate).

I’m reminded of a placard that is being currently circulated around the internet concerning the definition of what a Socialist, a Democrat, a Communist and a Liberal society does with its cows! 

While it was pretty funny, it also stings as there is a little bit of the truth in what is said. The United States is and will be forever a Republic or … it will cease to exist. It’s that simple and it’s fate will be the result of what happens in the next few years as the Libs lock with the Mods in mortal combat.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A blast from the past: Michael Israel

I think this video was from 2009, but it might as well have been yesterday as I will never or forget (or forgive) the shameless terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers. Let not these souls have died in vain...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hagel will be confirmed, sad to say.

The battle over Defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel reached a boiling point Thursday, as senior Hill sources said Republicans have told Democrats they intend to block his confirmation until more information is provided about the Benghazi terror attack.

My Thought: Hagel is, in my opinion, a certified ‘ding-bat’ and potential racist who will only serve to increase the destabilization of the Middle East, when he is finally confirmed. Another sad commentary on a system of government run amok!

The effect on gun sales due to Barrack Obama’s gun control efforts!

A knowledgeable source in the gun manufacturing industry informed that they didn't know when they'd be getting anything (gun-wise) back in stock, from magazines to rifles to pistols.

Paraphrasing a communique I received, he stated that ‘apparently, manufacturers were running full-bore, but couldn't come close to keeping up with current market demand. It wasn't just the AR-15s, the AK-pattern rifles, the M1As, and the FALs that were sold out. It was also the World War-era M1 Garands, M1 carbines, and Enfield .303s that were gone, along with every last shell. Ubiquitous Mosin-Nagants -- of which every gun store always seems to have 10-20 -- were gone. So was their ammo. Only a dust free space marked their passing. I've never seen anything like it.

He also went on to state that ‘every weapon of military utility designed within the past 100+ years was gone. This isn't merely stocking up on certain guns because they fear they may be banned. This is like preparing for war.’

If this information is really true to any degree, then my hat's off to Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein and the rest as they have done more to promote gun ownership than the NRA ever could have imagined. Well done, Democrats!

Friday, February 8, 2013

OK! This video by Dr. Carson is long..but do watch!

One of the few times you will ever see President Obama verbally out-classed! His comments towards the end of this 'prayer meeting' really stuck it to the President and some feel they were out of place coming from this imminent neurosurgeon. While that may be true, keep your eyes open for more from Dr. Carson in the near future. Welcome doctor, to the national stage and a video that has gone viral! Congrats - your message Dr. is getting out there!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A great answer to gun control in America!

Leave it those wacky Democrats in California to take gun control issues that could work if existing laws were enforced and muck up the waters further by proposing even more regulations in the form of a gun violence insurance bill!

Look! There are far simpler measures that could reduce the number of guns on America’s streets by HALF starting tomorrow! For instance, it’s a well know statistic that; 1) 88 out of every 100 Americans owns one or more guns and 2) that there are over 300 million guns in circulation at this time. Now assuming, (as the Democrats have advertized on liberal media channels) that almost half the country wants strict guns controls and then also assuming that about half the citizens belong to the Democratic Party, then I have a simple solution.

Let’s encourage every Democrat to give up their guns and ship them off to Washington DC c/o Eric Holder. That would remove as many as 132 million guns in one fell swoop! (I would also assume that Holder would find a way of disposing of all these weapons – Iran or Mexico comes to mind). Then, as a bonus, President Obama could perhaps send each of these patriotic Americans a bumper sticker that read ‘I am a gun free Democrat’. Democrats everywhere could show what good citizens they are by displaying yard signs proclaiming their homes to be ‘Free of Guns’. Wow! Just imagine Google Maps jumping into the excitement by providing a map of all of America showing the locations of gun free Democrats! Now that would be something for the Republican Party to really chew on!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Is war with China growing ever more certain?

While a lot of national attention has been focused on China and her burgeoning economy as of late, there also exists a more sinister underbelly to this country of 1.3 billion souls.

According to an article published in Brooking and written by Cheng Li, two major scenarios have been much overlooked; ‘domestic revolution and foreign war’. He states that there are ‘many serious problems in China that could trigger a major crisis, including slowing economic growth, widespread social unrest, rampant official corruption, vicious elite infighting and a heightened sense of Chinese nationalism in the wake of escalated tensions over territorial disputes with Japan and other southeast Asian countries.’

In the midst of all this is our American Congress, a body of legislators who are constantly teetering on the verge of one severe economic crisis after the other with millions unemployed while sitting on a National Debt in the tens of trillions. A shaky group lead by a President that many now openly question if he has the debt of international acumen to hold what’s become a fragile alliance of Chinese and American interests solidly together. Add into the mix, the President’s recent choice of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense who, (during his confirmation hearing) exposed himself as a complete dunce and you might have a recipe for disaster brewing.

These are certainly troubling times we find ourselves in and America’s leadership will need to patience of a Buddha combined with the know how of a Henry Kissinger if she is to successfully weave her way through the troubled waters that lie ahead. How well they can handle the open hostility seen in China combined with the naked aggression seen in countries like Syria and Iran will be interesting to watch. Although, in my case, I’ll be watching from a bunker.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The EPA on Biofuels – a study in fantasyland!

You have to give the EPA credit for one thing; they know how to pile on the BS. Yesterday, the Obama Administration issued new and higher standards for the fledgling biofuel industry that raises production quotas to over 14 million gallons! (This was up from an estimated quota of 8.7 million gallons in 2012).

But wait! There’s a problem here Mr. President. You see sir, the total amount produced in 2012 was actually close to zero – a lack of production due, in part, to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia which threw out the 2012 mandate for cellulosic biofuels, saying it was based on wishful thinking rather than accurate estimates for an industry the Obama administration wants to encourage.

Uh, someone needs to send both the President and the EPA a memo to go see a shrink ASAP!