Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mike Huckabee - the man we should have elected.

Here's the real deal. This country needs a President like Mike. But, the reality is he hasn't got a chance. The citizens will largely go after the man or woman who can shout the loudest or promise the most free stuff. And, I can pretty much guarantee that will never get our house in order. [I'll re-post this again in 2018, just so I can say I told you so].

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Iran! Heads up!

To the clueless citizens of Iran. I do hope you all understand that your leaders actions have lead you down the path of death. In just under a year, a change of guard in the United States will occur. At that time, the vast machinery of American might and military potential will begin to slowly gear back up.

As it does so move, my Republic's eye will also swing to focus on your country and the sheer degree of evil that dwells within your borders.

Make no mistake. The die is cast, and millions of you will die. That is all...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

As we march bravely into 2016...

With just one more year of suffering under the mis-administrations of Barry Obama and friends, I thought it prudent to take stock. I did this in light of my ever dwindling stockpile of cash. With jobs still hard to come by, a weak economy and an aging body, I felt that 2016 would be the year where many of us would hunker down and survive as best we could.

So, into my New Year and my life, there came an instrument that is completely unknown to the folks in Washington; a budget. Yes, I actually sat down and attempted to divide up my fixed income in a way that would stretch from the beginning to the end of any one month. Not a task for the faint of heart, I'm afraid.

As I worked my way through it all, I discovered some facts that I needed to pay attention to if my efforts were not to be in vain....

1) As the cost of food goes up, so then will I increasingly find myself on an involuntary diet while eating only generic foods.At some point, Ramon noodles will come back into the picture, I'm sure.

2) Any fluctuation in outdoor temperatures, up or down, would require me to alter my living style to some extent. On cold days, I will plan to recuse myself into just one room and huddle around a small space heater. On hot days, I will plan to strip naked and make numerous trips down to the river below my condo. Note that on the actual trip to the river, I will be wearing clothes...

3) Rather than shopping the Internet for stuff I needed, I would have to make do with items rescued from the numerous dumpsters located around my complex. This would, of course, require me to be somewhat flexible in both sense of the word. Farewell sweet Amazon!

4) By reducing the number of my 'friends' and associates to close to zero, I would have little need for an expensive cell phone, opting instead to borrow a phone from a stranger whenever the need arose.

5) Actually, when I think of it, I would be better off slugging a cop and then spending the next few years in a prison facility where I would have all the benefits (and more) that I've been forced to give up!