Friday, March 18, 2016

Let's make North Korea a first strike target!

The leadership of North Korea is very intent on the development of a missile that would be capable of delivering a nuke to allied forces. Why we are pussy footing around with them is beyond me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Top down and bottom up!

Glenn Beck has a belief in the concept whereby the progressives are pursuing a plan for change that involves a 'top down, bottom up and inside out' strategy. What is that exactly? It was and is an ideology originally put forward by Saul Alinsky, which encompasses the belief that in order to form 'the political perfect form of communism', you must first dismantle the evil capitalists! It is a belief that the only way for a human to exist in a happy state would be under the firm hand of an all controlling government that cares for its 'sheep' from cradle to grave. In my view, this is the very antithesis of evil. It it a recipe that strips the vast majority of any rights, of basic freedoms and any hope of personal gain, all for the promise of a State controlled by a few who will dole out the necessities of life as they see fit. If you need a feel for how this works, please visit Russia or China; two prime examples of what it's like to loose much of what the average American takes for granted.

Mr. Beck, as well as many others feels that there is a war coming to our Republic. It will be a war that will be incited by the left and which (I feel) will be finished by the right. If you, my reader, were to but look around, you'd see this happening all around you, even now! In the end, it is a process of evil in constant conflict with good. A process that will determine whether we will continue on the path of being free men and women, or one that will let ourselves be led by those who 'know what's best for us'.

I don't know what others might choose, but for me it will be just to things; supporting the Constitution and the Rule of Law. And for those who would seek to subvert either, I would condemn to exile or death.

Monday, March 14, 2016

A war is just around the corner!

Make no mistake. The far left zealots are pushing for all they are worth to suppress free speech and to divide American against American. This has happen before and it heralds a Totalitarian and harsh change of the guard. Beware Patriots. It's getting about that time.....

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The end of a great Republic draws near!

America, this election cycle will be your last chance to set the Republic on a better, more sustainable course. And, at this point in our country's history, I've never seen things quite this chaotic. I am now in a position to state that in all likelihood, my country will not long survive. In my view, none of the front running candidates will improve what was once a mighty economic engine. Rather, people like Hillary and Trump will prove to be the almost perfect engineers of its destruction.

On this first day of March 2016, and were I a betting man, I would go 'all in' on this prediction...

In a few more years, it will be gradually dawning on the millennials that there is no good future awaiting them. There world will revert to more of a state that has been the model for thousands of years... a backwards run by everyone towards ever increasing poverty, sickness and shortened lifespans. You will owe this change of course to inept and evil men like Obama and Reid, (and to women like Pelosi) whose every effort for many long years has been to tear down and destroy.

For anyone with an interest, please see this entry from 2012 - 

An aside: I was going to wait to say I told you so, but decided it might be more prudent to do so now in light of what I've just stated. And, as an independent, I think I'll just sit this election out.