Friday, September 13, 2013

Is the perfect storm coming?

When I look around at what's going on both in the US and abroad, all I can see are storm clouds closing in all around. Let me break a few of them down;
  1. At some point the Fed will have to quit with the Quantitative Easing bullshit and at that time the stock market will take a hell of a dive. This could happen as early as September 18th and if it does, look for interest rates to skyrocket!

  2. The Middle East is on a razors edge with warships representing the US, Russia and China all grouped together in one spot. Putin is grabbing and asserting his power while at the same time playing President Obama like he's some kind of dullard. Iran is rapidly moving towards nuclear capability and the United Islamic Extremists are pushing towards a Caliphate. A true powder keg getting ready to explode...

  3. Drastic cuts in the military have and are decimating my country's ability to be an effective force. This at a time when China, Russia and Iran are building their military infrastructure just as fast as they can go!

  4. The Unites States Congress has become so entrenched and divided, that even common sense legislation is stuck in neutral with nothing getting done.

  5. A debt ceiling crisis is looming, in just thirty days, and spending cuts or even basic efforts to curtail government spending look to have already been tossed out.

  6. The Affordable Health-care Act begins to kick in in earnest in just a couple of weeks with the so-called state health exchanges in a state of complete chaos.

  7. President Obama increasingly has become embroiled in a series of scandals (24 at last count) concerning agencies like the IRS and the NSA. Scandals that have shaken the confidence of millions of Americans.

  8. The world's opinion of the United States and it's belief that she can take care of her allies are at an all time low.

  9. Winter is coming on and more and more citizens are finding themselves with only part time jobs or no jobs at all. And, to add insult to injury, many will receive notices of large increases in even basic health care.

  10. And worst of all...our great Republic is lacking the leadership to turn it all around!
God! Please help and protect the United States of America!

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