Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So ya wanna be President!

I figure it must take a special combination of wealth, power and maybe a dash of plain ignorance in a person to want to aspire to be the President of the United States these days. (Actually a better term might be President of the United Debt)! What is it now..15..16 trillion? Whatever the amount, the next man or women who is placed in office will have to figure a way to get America out of the mess it currently finds itself in. Up to this point, the leadership on Capitol Hill has employed parlor tricks and razzle dazzle to keep the whole shebang going, but that may not work for much longer.  Even the last ditch trick fix of just printing more money ain’t gonna get er done Bamer baby.

Also, I’ll venture a guess that the next President is not going to very popular among the voting public. He’s not going to be very popular with Congress either, especially when they are told that the party is finally and absolutely over! 'Time to sit down and actually get some meaningful work done boys and girls'.

This scenario, by the by, will happen just as the newly Anointed (or re-Anointed) One is sworn in on January of 2013. At that point, the United States will more than likely be hanging on by a thread. The path back to solvency for our Leader and the 300 million in his flock will be a daunting one. The amounts to be paid back are so incredibly huge as to boggle the mind and no matter what transpires, I can pretty much guarantee that general healthcare, Medicare, and Social Security are going to suffer greatly, if they survive at all! Yes, January 2013 may just about feel like it’s the end of the world for many Americans.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Level the tax playing field now!

As the Super Committee prepares to pack up and go home, having failed miserably in their ‘must do’ mission of deficit relief, a new reality will begin to settle in not only on Americans but on other countries all over the world. It will come to them in the form of a message – ‘America cannot solve its debt problem’. A not so subtle message and a warning as well, that the health of the world’s backup currency will continue to worsen. A problem that is sure to cause increasing instability in world financial markets for the foreseeable future. A situation that cannot long endure before some enterprising country, or collection thereof, moves to change it. This happened in 1974 to the British Sterling and it’s about to happen again.

As I understand it, one of the key sticking points centers around tax hikes or tax breaks. One side wants more taxes while the other side does not. Here is the solution. Remove the problem. Pass a flat tax bill with all due haste to ensure that the income playing field is level and then, tackle the problems associated with over-spending. Folks, this is not rocket science and it doesn’t require thousand of hours of oratory. It’s too bad that decent IQ’s seem to be lacking where they are needed the most!

Now here's the bottom line. We are like Rome nears its end. Being fed 'cake and bread' as nothing gets done. I feel that this festering bolus of individuals in Congress are now so tied up scratching and sniffing each others rear ends and in keeping personal political scores that that they have completely lost sight of the needs of this Republic. A situation that I fear will continue to a logical end. America will fall to revolution, disorder and possible anarchy. When? I don't know. But soon. I pray that will not happen, but time now is of the extreme essence. Can you feel it? Vast forces even now are aligning themselves against us and will be ever so happy to see the fall of a great and noble Republic.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The rubble pile that has become our government!

I was going to use the word rubbish instead of rubble for the title. Take your pick. Either term would work to describe the mess my/our country now finds itself in. Please take a moment and take a hard look at the graph above. Do you see anything unusual? With only a few more days for the so-called ‘Super Committee’ to come up with some draconian cuts, all the world financial institutions are holding their collective breath. Supposedly, if this bipartisan panel cannot come up with 1.2 trillion in cuts over the next ten years, a series of automatic cuts will kick in. This process, known as sequesterization (sp?), was agreed upon by both sides and is considered to be lawful. No one, however, knows what the consequences of such an action would be.

But, wait a minute! Already members of congress are discussing ways to get around any cuts to the budget. A course that will absolutely spell disaster for America and the reserved status of the dollar. It’s almost as if this august body of men and women have become mentally ill. Any course taken at this time by Washington that does not result in severe cuts to the budget will result in a crash of this country’s monetary system. This is not a guess, it's a fact. Even the GAO will admit as much. The end result could easily spell hyperinflation and a sudden end to life as we American’s have known it.

Is this what’s the leaders of this country want? Is this what you want, Mr. And Mrs. America?