Friday, August 17, 2018

Why we will likely not survive as a species!

According to the Drake Equation, there should be loads and loads of other intelligent life forms in the Universe. That we have not discovered any is somewhat troubling. One theory holds that it must be very difficult to see a race of beings grow to technological supremacy, of the sort that could communicate, without first stripping their planet completely bare of resources. (That's pretty much what's happening today, here on Earth). We don't see this kind of 'slippage', so much, in America, due to our unique geo-social positioning. However, as the world population continues to increase at the rates shown above, it's pretty easy to see the writing on the wall.

Of the three critical factors, I've outlined above, water availability will likely be the first to go by the way. (Imagine over a billion people suddenly finding that their 'water shortage' problem had become critical). Hundreds of millions would get on the move poste haste! Thirst can and often does drive a person insane very quickly. They will do anything to get a drink! So, imagine a billion or more 'insane' people marching on a neighboring country's border. The ensuing chaos would destabilize to world very quickly and then like domino's falling, other countries would fall one after the other....Check out the World Population Clock here!

As the Nation humms along, the Left is imploding!

The United States is humming along like a supercharged race car with a smoking economy, record low unemployment, improved standing in the world and a growing National sense of We-Can-Do!

Now, I wouldn't bore my few readers with the bodacious figures they can easily gather from the net. What I did want to delve into, was the steaming mess that has become the Democratic Party leadership. Seriously, after hanging its collective hat on Russian collusion, insanity and general incompetence, President Trump and America continued to steam forward while gaining in almost every poll. Damn him to hell, they continued to shout in united voice!

In point of fact, the signs of self implosion of the DNC were becoming pretty clear to many. Front runners like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who have shown a rather poor knowledge of most everything political, were casting new doubts among the Far Left rank and file. Turning Point even offered her a 100K sum which she could donate to any charity, if she would only debate Candice Owens on National TV. Alexandria turned them down flat. (More than likely a pretty smart move). Then there is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. A man who shocked a crowd by stating that 'America was never that great'! Really? What about all those people risking life and limb just to get in here?

Possibly to only thing that could save the Democratic Party, would be a really large national calamity. Hell, ANY news that was negative concerning Trump, would likely cause them to cream their pants! And if the bad news also affected the country in a bad way – Well, what the heck. They've never shown much interest in our Capitalist Republic, mainly because it doesn't have the word 'socialism' somewhere in the description.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

The next Dark Age cometh!

The Dark Ages of early medieval period of western European history, specifically, the time (476–800 BC) was a time when there was no Roman emperor to maintain order in the West. It was a time when there was much migration of peoples into other lands. Wars were common and disease the silent killer.

Now compare that to the times I feel are coming very soon. A time when the Democrats regain power and then proceed to utterly destroy the United States. There will then be no order, in the West as millions move around the globe, creating chaos and distributing novel disease. I'd call that history repeating itself while clueless human keep forgetting past lessons.

Friday, August 3, 2018

The real deal about the far Left and what they offer!

Let's be honest. One of the big reasons that the Democrats Party system of propaganda succeeds at all, is their promise of free stuff to any and all who would vote for them. In truth, the Far Left leadership is a group of mega-rich ideologues, who will have absolutely no problem with the wrecking this Republic's present form of Capitalism. After all, they will be immune to the horrific results. Then, once Socialism is fully locked into place, the Lower Class will become completely crushed under the weight of a falling Middle Class. The Middle Class will then become the Lower Class! Once the dust settles, you will have just one elite Ruling Class making life miserable for rest of the masses. You know, like what you see in Venezuela on this day....

One thing about me. I'll never lie to push a story!

Unlike much of the Media out there, you know the ones; ABC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN. I promise never to intentionally twist the truth in any way and to only report the truth as I see it! (That doesn't mean I'll always be right, factual and unbiased). Like many people, I'm only human and thus subject to error and might even occasionally report events incorrectly. Something that could happen were I to rely only on the aforementioned new outlets. (I didn't put Fox News in the mix, only because I believe them to be somewhat factual, part of the time. Yet, even that group of people can be biased from time to time).

The bottom line is that most Americans along with political commentators, such as myself, can and are mislead on a regular basis. Fight it! It's up to each of us to do our own research, use common sense and to listen carefully while reading between the lines. Sometimes it's what is NOT said that is the most important part of a story!