Sunday, April 5, 2020

The 5G Town and Coronavirus Conspiracy!

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Maybe some refreshing revolution is coming!

The Chinese people are largely innocent of blame for a virus that has devastated the entire world! At the time of this post, the citizens of the US were trying to keep themselves and their economy alive. I fully believe we will succeed in both endeavors. It will only be in the aftermath, as the damage done all across the globe is accessed, that millions of eyes will begin to focus on the corrupt dictatorial regime That is the People Republic of China.

I therefore call out to all Chinese citizens and the armies to rise up and cast out out those would release Satan on an unsuspecting world.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Coronavirus is transmitted by surfaces? Duh!

Now that it is more widely known that the Corona virus is most often transmitted by contacted with contaminated surfaces, I thought it would be interesting to see just what are the most likely surfaces on which the general public would find the little buggers residing on!

Hard surfaces - Surfaces such as stainless steel and plastics can support a virus for as long as five days in some studies. That assuming a cool environment that is out of contact with sunlight. Shopping carts, left outdoors on a sunny day, are usually safer bets. And, the more crowded a location gets, the higher the probability of contamination! The cure is a simple one. When out and about, do not ever touch your face! if you have a problem with that, wear a mask during pandemics. Or, as an option, Take a rope, tie it to both hands and then secure that in such a manner that you can't get your hands close to your face! When you get home, wash your hands properly and then touch away! Problem solved.

Cardboard and currency - Next up are paper or linen surfaces such as boxes and paper money. The lifetimes of a virus on these surfaces is shorter by far. Sometimes only minutes or hours depending on where they are located. I have long suspected that paper money, especially singles, have been a source of various forms of disease. You can choose to throw your money into your washer with your clothes. They will come out clean and germ or virus free! If you prefer not to wash your money at all, you can dampen your wrinkled and crud filled notes with a spray bottle or sprinkle them with a little water by hand. Gently smooth the notes and place them on a dry cloth on an ironing board, table, or other stable surface. If the bill becomes hot to the touch, Congrats! You now have clean money!

Other people - When you're out in public. Touch elbows instead of giving a handshake. Sure it looks sort of funny at first, but so likely did handshaking when the custom first developed. 'Most kind lady. Would you mind awfully if I grabbed your hand?' The offended lady would often run screaming, I bet.

And... That's it! If people would just limit their contact and respect surfaces, this old coronavirus would be gone in a heartbeat!

The spread of the Coronavirus! The facts according to Dannomanno!

Following are my thoughts pertaining to what was and is going on with the SARS-CoVid-2 virus that causes the CoVid-19 illness.

First off, it is my belief that the rising infections began earlier than many think. Perhaps as early as mid December when people were going back and forth to the developing hot spots in mainland China. I think that, initially, a relatively small number of young adults contracted the disease, brought it to America and other countries but stayed under the health net's radar as few were showing overt signs. Those who did get mildly sick and who went to a doctor were likely given a test for only the common flu. A test which often proved negative and so the individual was then sent home with a wrong diagnosis of having the common cold. Thus, a brush fire of sorts was spreading across the US and other countries as citizens between the ages of 15 and 40 attended places that they often liked to frequent, namely; sporting events, schools, restaurants and bars.

By the time late January rolled around, the CDC and Washington suspected that something was going on. Hot spots, in China, were becoming news even as the World Heath Organization and the Chinese government desperately sought to downplay to problem. It was only Trump who I think was consulting with the NIH and other services, that decided early on to close our borders. Other countries such as England and Italy were slower on the uptake...And, they paid a very high price!

By mid February, America had her first recorded death from the Coronavirus, even as the numbers that were testing positive remained rather small. And there was a good reason for that as the only tests that were performed for CoVid-19 were for those who showed up with obvious symptoms, i.e. - high temperatures, shallow breathing and a persistent cough. By mid March the United States numbers read something like this:

The number of those infected in the US, though still pretty small, were rising rapidly with a seemingly very high rate of those dying [69/3774 equaled a seeming death rate of over 1.8%]. This was much higher than the .1% rate of death for the flu! I feel that President Trump, in conjunction with many doctors advice, acted very swiftly by gearing up, the then low stockpiles of medical supplies. Items such as respirators, gowns and masks were in very short supply! But, here's the real deal. Officials, I believe, suspected that there were many more sick than what the posted numbers were showing. Perhaps a tens of thousands of young people were catching the bug, but not showing any real symptoms! And those that did make it to a doctor were likely only for the common flu. A test that often proved negative! So, actions were then taken by people who knew the facts. Facts that were not shared to the public even as some in the main stream media began using the situation to bash the president and to further divide the Nation!

Dr. Danomanno Dingo
In my mind, the true numbers of those infected, here in the US in mid March, could have been more like 100,000 and some in the government likely knew that! That is why they started closing down... you guessed it, any gathering place that the young frequented. That is also why they began, early on, with the idea of social distancing, washing of hands and sitting in place. And one other important caveat. That was that this disease was being spread most often by surface to face contact. This was due to the young not coughing so much as spewing droplets that landed on surfaces, with this virus able to live as long as 4 days before dying.

Today, at the end of March, I can now understand why the US and Italy have been hit so hard. Both have relatively high populations of people over the age of 60, many with other complicating conditions. And, it also explained why our country had essentially shut everything down for another 30 days. We needed to stop the spread of a virus that was firmly in place in... I'm guessing here, maybe as many 300,000 young people!

Now for the good news. The government and the American people has responded very appropriately; they have both taken corrective measures too insure that this a problem like this will never catch us off guard again. Random testing in the future will likely reveal the true scope of the problem. The rapid development of a vaccine and other treatments will contain the problem and Americans everywhere will be practicing better hygiene as a result. Once we get through this, the coronavirus will take a seat right next to the flu in the consciousness of the world with the rates of both likely to be low.

A note: Yes. I am aware this was a bit disjointed, but that's how my thinking process works. You see, I once played a crazed doctor on TV.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

What if it was a planned pandemic?

I've never been much of a conspiracy theorist until just recently. I'd always suspected that most were hatched by individuals that were somewhat 'unbalanced'. As a result, I've mostly ignored such posts and moved on to more realistic thoughts.

That pretty much described me until just recently. The more I gave thought to the coronavirus pandemic, the more questions began to emerge. Let me tick off a few weird thoughts;
  1. This virus was both novel and highly infectious. Something the Chinese government must have been well aware of as far back as November 2019. As it rapidly spread, the rest of the world heard little until late in December when the viral spread was already out of control. (This sounded more like an 'engineered' release as the Chinese had normally reacted much faster in notifying the World Heath Organization such as when the last SARS outbreak occurred).
  2. The US media totally downplayed the threat for a very long time, noting publicly that the US was in little to no danger. This flies directly in the face of past experience. Thankfully, President Trump took action even as the Democrats advised against restricting travel to and from China. Had the President hesitated, many more would have become infected. Score one against the Democrats.
  3. As we entered into February, and as the total number of infections were still pretty low, the mainstream media channels did not give much airtime to the problem. That changed however, in March when the junk rag media (stations like CNN and MSNBC), began to capitalize on stories that were almost always hyped out of proportion, while at the same time bashing the Trump administration. End result, America and Americans become even more divided (if that was even possible)!
  4. For and 'accidental release', the coronavirus has resulted in a couple of remarkable end results; World economic destabilization combined with an improved world trade position for the Chinese government across the board! A pretty good result for not firing a single shot!
Currently, as we were approaching the end of March 2020, the future didn't look all that great for millions of people all over the world. The disease infection rate was still spiking, people were increasingly dying, medical resources were stretched to their limits, societal disruption was commonplace and there was the specter of a coming winter that could see the disease re-appear on a periodic basis. And, I asked myself..... Who would have gained by such a strange scenario? My far out there in never-land answer... A joint coalition between elements of the Chinese government working with elements of the Democratic Party and a leftist mass media to overthrow the current balance of power would be a good start. If America imploded and our current government failed, this would be a perfect opening for an iron-fisted socialist dictatorship to seize control and then work with China to expand a new globalist socialist empire such as the world has never seen.

Now of course, there's also the very real chance that all this mess was just due to a series of; bad political choices, sloppy human and animal overcrowding, inept World Heath Organization oversight, too late-too little containment responses, a virus with unheard of contagious rates and mass disinformation. Yeah, I guess that's also possible....

Monday, March 23, 2020

Attention! China, may I have your attention please!

Let me begin by stating that my heart goes out to the average Chinese citizen, a body of people who have suffered long and hard over the many decades under the wicked administration of a so-called socialist Republic. (A better term would be a one party dictatorship comprised of a small number of ideologues who have held their boots on the collective throats of the masses for way too long).

Now the suffering of your people has become the suffering of an entire world! The intentional creation of the numerous 'wet markets' by the Chinese government, all across that Republic, as a cheap way to feed the billions has resulted in markets that have become a hotbed of interspecies crowding. At situation that allows countless viruses to intermingle and mutate with wild abandon.

And now the evil fruits of this insane food chain arrangement have been revealed for all the world to see. (Not even a nuclear strike, by that regime, against the rest of the world could have had much less devastating effect against so many billions). And, sadly, it's not over! More deadly viruses will be be released on the world if drastic action, by the people of China and the world, is not taken post haste!

I would therefore ask the brave citizens of China, to now rise up and cast off the shackles of an evil system of suppression and to join with the rest of the free world in an effort to begin to resolve the problems that have resulted in this debacle. My name is Dan Owen and I stand proudly with the citizens of China!