Friday, January 4, 2019

I've eliminated the Post Office from my life! Mostly anyways...

I elected to put off buying stamps as I had one left and I planned to hand deliver both the Condo association and water bills in the future. Everything else I plan to do, bill paying wise, will be done done either online or by phone!

Seriously, when you talk about poorly run companies (ones that are affiliated with the government), you need not wander too very far before encountering disasters like the US Postal System! While other delivery services out there are thriving, the Post System is failing, utterly. FedEx, UPI and the Postal System are all for profit companies. The only difference is that the former two do not routinely have their pockets picked by the Feds, even while the employees in that system are almost impossible to fire, no matter how bad their individual performances.... The US Postal System. A bad deal for America!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Saturday, December 22, 2018

With eyes wide open, did they willingly march into the gates of Hell!

The times, they are a changing! With weakened borders, a choking National Debt, unrest in many parts of the world and a power hungry band of Democratic Nazi's waiting in the wings. I can envision a repeat of parts of our sad past....

Friday, December 21, 2018

This coming tidal wave of migrants!

Picture 50 million migrants charging through Mexico, leaving that County a complete wasteland almost overnight, and then assaulting the southern border of the US in such numbers that no military force can stop them. Like dominoes, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas become instant crisis zones with basic hygiene, food, shelter and health infrastructure overwhelmed. In those States, families will find themselves instantly involved in a surreal existence, right out of a Stephan King novel. Fighting will erupt as stores are quickly stripped of all goods, and when darkness settles each night, things become even worse. Much worse!

Meanwhile in the rest of the United States, those states that were still unaffected by the surge of humanity, clamored for local, state and Federal emergency response. In Congress, as was usual, the two sides ground each other to a paralytic halt. Marshal Law is quickly enacted by the President, and troops rush south... and then, a real time of killing and horror begins...

If I were a goat, I'd start running!

Every time something goes wrong or sideways in the US; be it the Stock Market, border problems or a mass shooting – you name it. I've heard that the Democratic leadership retires to a closed room to participate in a mass circle jerk-off. With dicks a flying they look into each other's eyes confident of an eventual return to dominance. (Something they feel they definitely deserve via divine inspiration).

Should they fail to achieve that power, I'm betting they would be more than willing to destroy the US, utterly! Then, standing proudly amid the ruins of a newly formed Third World nation, they might seek out some goats to instruct, as they will already be herding a bunch of sheep!

It's way past time for Americans to consider some remedial action to help cleanse that which has become dirty. Individuals like Chuck Schumer are not helping anyone or anything but themselves...

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Don't laugh. This could happen!

While this graphic was meant to be 'tongue in cheek', there is the very real possibility that the DNC picks for 2020 will be a pair that goes after only the minorities and illegal aliens in lieu of citizens in the heart of America. Because, you see, the Democrats no longer really care about the Republic in their search for control. You can only do so much lying in a Republic, while in a socialist state (like Venezuela), you're practically expected to lie.

So, pretty soon, I predict that you will really see the gloves come off as the true face of the DNC makes itself known to all.