Friday, November 9, 2018

Tri-axis of Neuvo-Techno evil!

Perhaps in some distant future, many will come to understand that the three biggest threats that civilization faced was the neuvo-techno companies, such as the three mentioned above, who will make George Orwell's 1984 novel become a chilling reality. Remember. You're all being watched...

Friday, November 2, 2018

Midterms likely to dictate economy's direction!

In a few short days, on November 6, the Nation will be making a huge electoral decision.  Millions of voters, all across the Country, will decide on who will be the majority for both the Senate and the House. At this time, it looks like the Democrats will get one (the House) while the Republicans will likely maintain a majority in the Senate. That said, such a result would still spell eventual doom for what had been a very strong economy.

Over the past two years, Trump and friends have made very large inroads into fixing what had been broken by Obama, Pelosi and other Democrats. Losing the House will insure a return to those days of incipient gloom and doom, in my opinion. Today, unemployment among all races are at historic lows. The people of color are seeing real progress along many fronts with rising wages leading the charge. Women are now making serious inroads into determining our Nation's future as they have gained equality with men. Latino's are enjoying their highest rate of employment, ever! Our enemies actually pay attention to a President that makes a statement and then acts on it. Taxes have gone down. Regulations have been slashed and our southern border has been strengthened.... All good stuff for a Nation that is proudly standing on its feet once again.

After Tuesday, November the 6th, that will all change as the obstructionist Democratic Party resumes doing what they do best in Washington... Which is not really very much at all. Economic movement on a National level will likely begin to grind to a halt, as many citizens may again remember those sad years we spent under Obama's rule. China will be re-emboldened. The flow of corporations coming to America will slow and even reverse. The border will see a surge of illegals such as the world has never witnessed. Fear speech will once again be issued from the mouth of whoever gets elected Speaker of the house. (If that person is Pelosi, then we are definitely doomed as that lady is bat shit crazy).

The only thing that can change the current scenario is you the voter! Remember, if you are a Republican, please get to a voting booth and let's give those assholes a run for their money!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Freedom has a price! Minutemen, stand true!

A representative Republic, such as is and has been the United States of America is a very fragile construct that is prone to corruption from within. We've made it through 200 plus years as a free and open country, but only at the cost of many wars, both external and internal.

Today, more than ever, this Union of States struggles against the forces of evil that would dissolve it into utter chaos. To any minutemen out there, I would tell them to stand strong and to stand true to the Red, White and Blue!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Vote on November 6th!

The spectacle that was the nomination process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh should serve everyone as a warning to what the Democratic Party has become. Anyone who believes in our Constitution, has respect for the Rule of Law and who believes in God as the grantor of all liberties needs to see and to vote red on November 6, 2018. 
And, that's the Gospel truth....

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Satan's new acolytes?

How can Democrats destroy good people showing no remorse?

Since 2012 the word "GOD" was removed from the Democratic National Platform. To them God apparently has no place in American History and no place in the American HOME.

Perhaps that's why, with no remorse whatsoever, Democrats are doing their level best to destroy Judge Kavanaugh's entire family, including his wife and young children.

Make no mistake about it! Extreme democrats will do almost anything to destroy every Conservative man, woman, and child who are brave enough to get in their way.

Please vote on Nov 6, 2018

Vote like your way of life depended on it! 

And, by the way.
I'm a white male and proud as hell of the fact! 

Friday, September 28, 2018

What a series of coincidences!

I'd make a bet that were it Jesus, Himself who was up for nomination to the Supreme Court, Democrats like Feinstein would try their best to paint Him as a deviant and a felon.

In my opinion, it is the Democrats who should be investigated for possible acts of treason!