Sunday, October 6, 2019

I wonder if they know?

Saturday, October 5, 2019

To our brothers in Hong Kong! I'll pray for you!

To those in Hong Kong who are fighting for their freedom, and who ARE totally weaponless, I give my full moral support. God please bless them and supply them with lots of rocks.

To anyone HERE who would destroy THIS REPUBLIC.... I say come and get it!
We're armed to the teeth!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Trump must go and here's why!

This is the twisted logic of the Democrats, the Far Left and the crooked politicians that infest both Parties. While one man strives to make our Republic stronger and safer, others see their power slipping away and they will do whatever it takes to stay in power and damn the Republic and its citizens should anyone get in their way.

The political activity by the Democrats, that I've witnessed over the past three years, has been one of clear treason perpetrated in a large part by the leadership of the Democratic Party. These individuals need to be subpoenaed, investigated and then charged with treason and conspiracy if that's what's found. And, then if then tried and convicted of treason against the Republic, promptly hung in a public square by their collective and progressive necks until dead

Friday, September 27, 2019

Tough choices for Democrats!

After the Democrats made a new impeachment push over a phone call made by Trump back in July, and after it all blew up in their faces, we have many millions now turning their attention to Biden, his son Hunter and the apparent pro quid pro he made will Vice President. All the attention will not bode well for him as a candidate if it does turn out that moves he made to get a prosecutor in the Ukraine fired who was investigating Biden's son at the time.....

Monday, September 23, 2019

Trump will be named the Anti-Christ by the Left!

The old saying about how power corrupts and how absolute power corrupts absolutely, fits today's Democratic Party like a glove! Long gone are the days of polite discourse while two opposing sides sought a middle ground.

Los Angeles
Today, it's about vitriol and the of twisting the truth. into a pretzel; if need be, all for a chance to win back power. And if the Left does win power, they will quickly turn out Republic into a Socialist State. A United Socialist collection of states that will quickly begin to look like Venezuela. Don't believe me - just look to the cities, in America, that have been run into the ground when Democrats have been into the majority. LA, seen at right, if overrun with homeless,  discarded needles and human feces. (Remember beautiful San Francisco? Well, it isn't looking so beautiful these days). Meanwhile, the rich live cheek to jowl right next to the desperately poor and are very happy for the cheap labor...

San Francisco
And, while not all Democrats are bad people, I can pretty much guarantee that those residing in Congress are! Especially those who are a part of the Deep State and who ARE power hungry nihilists who will stop at nothing to get rid of Trump, gain absolute control and enslave millions of citizens vise a vie handouts. They will make as many people, as possible, solely dependent on the new government to supply them with all their needs. And to insure that they remain in control, they will quickly strip citizens of their right to own and bear arms. Once that is accomplished, it will be a cinch to deprive each of us right to perfectly free speech. (Sure, you'll be able to still speak out, but only for as long as you say what they want you to say).  How do I know this? Look around! Governments like China, Russia and Iran are very easy to form as a Socialist dictatorship, but then very very tough to change once that happens. Speak out against those dictatorships for too very long and you will disappear. That's also why so many good people, still living in those septic tanks bung hole countries, are desperate to escape to a free land like America! And sadly, they will continue to do so, right up until the time we also become just another shit-hole under bad leadership, just like the one they all reside in today...