Thursday, May 24, 2018

North Korean summit called off!

Citing 'open hostility' by Kim Jong Un, President Trump called off the hoped for June 14 summit in which the two leaders were to meet.

Now, instead of a peaceful resolution, hostilities appear ready to be resumed between the West and the rouge government. Shockingly, the series of events that lead to the President's decision were due (in part), to probable behind the scenes machinations by the government of China. (A country that seems to enjoy playing North Korea as though it were a cheap chess piece). And while such maneuverings might have worked out with past Presidents, it may prove to be a giant blunder if war ensues across the Korean gulf.

As of the time of this post, millions of North Koreans are literally starving and in need of vast amounts of aid. If that aid is not soon forthcoming, either by the West or China rioting may soon erupt all over North Korea. Such an event could easily trigger a growing conflict between us and China that could result in thermonuclear exchanges. The stakes are just that high!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Is this Republic failing? Hell no!

What had been achieved, and won and lost,
all falls to the wayside, now seemingly lost.

The mind of Mankind may soon stand down,
and now worship a new boss come to this town.
Not of flesh of His creation, but a bastard child of sick techno-perversion.

Hint: Ain't gonna happen!

What we had eons ago, was a taste of hard birth,
into a place as pure as snow.

Twas a miracle of life that God insured,
That none of His builds would be unheard.

Some, now see this Nation as politically ripped asundered,
by evil forces who would put us under. 

A world of strife where souls He made
fight for rights heaven made.

But, when the day that Jesus arrives,
He will witness those that survived!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dark thoughts about China and her plans!

China's current population is estimated 1.411 billion! Compare that to America's 314 million with many of those baby boomers who are getting along in age. 

Like a player in a chess tournament, China has been moving its military pieces around in a manner that should scare some. China is having problems that expansion could  help to alleviate, at least short term. China is running out of natural resources - See China is burning through its natural resources! China will run out of potable water soon - See  China’s acute water shortage imperils economic future! China has one commodity in high excess - people.  Lots and lots of people!

While I would never hope for a bad outcome, I could see why the Chinese government might see a solution to many of its problem via explosive and forceful expansion into neighboring territories. And, if a few hundred million perish in the effort, well that wouldn't be all that bad now would it?

Whether by intentional plan or as a reaction to a lack of precious water, imagine hundreds of millions suddenly on the march into a country near you....

Friday, May 18, 2018

Random Thoughts!

Gunfire erupts in Texas! Democrats become unhinged!

Just minutes after reports of an active shooter in a Texas school hit the airwaves, some Democrats were screaming Gun Control! Seriously? Do we really need to listen to a group of certified nut jobs or do we need to focus on helping mentally ill children that seem to be sprouting up around us like corn!

OK. One more time. a gun is just a tool. And like any tool, they can be misused or handled by people who aren't quite right in the head. In this case, the insane child used a shotgun. So, eight dead and one very disturbed gun child in custody while liberals will likely be shouting for the outlawing of all shotguns. Is anyone getting the message yet?

MS-13! Are they animals? Chuck doesn't think so..

I'm not quite sure just where Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi's moral allegiances lie? But, aligning your political party with demented rapists and rabid killers probably is going to alienate a few followers. I mean I'm all for being racially sensitive. (I even said hi to a black man the other day). But, to cozy on up to a group of sickos that would enjoy decapitating your head does seem a bit of a stretch. Ya think?

Some Eagles will skip WH visit!

Oh my! Apparently the Eagles have been invited to the White House for a visit and apparently those who refused to stand for the National anthem, last season, are not planning to go. Hey! Heads up losers. That suits me just fine. People who bite the hands that feed them need to be kicked off the team so they can experience what it's like to work, serve and sometimes die for a country.

Say what?

I was sitting next to a guy at a local bar and made a casual statement about a topic in the news. He turned to me and said, 'I don't like to talk about the news.' And, he acted insulted when he made that statement. It came to me, then, that there really are people who actually prefer to remain as ignorant as they possibly can. If the topic doesn't include them, sports or what's happening within a three mile radius - well no, that's unimportant shit. Hmm. Perhaps I'd be better off talking to a wall in the future.

Cheap dogs and hot sauce!

Let's face it, when it comes to hot dogs, even those all beef jobbers aren't very healthy for you to eat. So, I've always figured that when I planned to wander into the junk food lane, I'd do it proper like! So, rather than all beef Oscar Meyer premium dogs, I like to buy Surgardale dogs made with chicken and pork! that baby is heated and then placed into a regular hotdog bun over which is slathered a sauce I make myself. DanO's sauce; minced onion, mustard, relish and diced pepper rings mix up in about equal amounts. Then as a lasting insult, I like to add a couple of squirts of Tabasco sauce! Now that's a great dawg with a kick!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Heads up ISIS!

Running around killing My children like deranged animals was never the message from Me! I respect intelligent conversation, persuasion and helping others see the wisdom of My ways. You idiots will never see heaven. When you die and end your miserable lives you will be cast into a pit of other dead swine for all eternity... 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Pay back's a bitch, ain't it? National Guard goes to the southern border!

After years of an open border that allowed sleaze balls, drug dealers, sex peddlers, human traffickers, illegals, terrorists and other assorted genetic retards - Well, that's seems to be coming to an end under the Trump Administration! I'm guessing that the DNC will now have to find other sources of voters to swell their ranks... and I mean 'rank' in both senses of the word!