Saturday, January 31, 2015

A letter from Mrs Reagan to John Hinkley!

You all might recall that John Hinckley was a seriously deranged young man who shot President Reagan in 1981. Hinckley was absolutely obsessed with movie star Jodie Foster and, in his twisted mind, loved Jodie to the point that to make himself well known to her, he attempted to assassinate President Reagan.

“A federal judge on Friday gave President Ronald Reagan’s would-be assassin modestly more freedom, allowing the 58-year-old who has lived and received mental health treatment for more than three decades at St. Elizabeth's Hospital to spend 17 days a month visiting his mother’s home town of Williamsburg, Va.”

Following is a letter I could imagine Mrs Reagan writing this man....
To: John Hinckley
From Mrs. Nancy Reagan

My family and I wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how pleased we are with the great strides you are making in your recovery. In our country's spirit of understanding and forgiveness, we want you to know that we bear no grudge against you for shooting Ronnie.

We are fully aware that mental stress and pain could have driven you to such an act of desperation. We're confident that you will soon make a complete recovery and return to your family to join the world again as a healthy and productive man.

Best wishes,

Nancy Reagan & Family

While you have been incarcerated, Barack Obama has been banging Jodie Foster like a screen door in a tornado. You might want to look into that.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Slippage - written in 2010 and still true!

I'm not sure, in 2015, about China. But, what I am sure of were my gut feeling about this idiot so many good American's blindly trusted and elected to the highest office....

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Islam, please get it together!

Let me be clear. I understand that the Muslims are mostly good. However, if you allow and condone and fail to act to rein in the extremists existing among your ranks, then you and your God will reap the wind...

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The DHS – is it a national boondoggle?

On 911, our nation was attacked and thousands died. The government hastily put together a large bureaucracy to deal with our national security. The only problem was, it's never worked!

Fact: The Department of Homeland Security has spent $50 billion dollars of taxpayers money over the past 11 years on counter terrorism programs, but to this day, the Department cannot demonstrate if the nation is more secure as a result.

Fact: Over 700 miles of the nation’s southern border remain unsecured. The DHS is not effectively administering or enforcing the nation’s immigration laws, with only 3 in every 100 illegal immigrants facing deportation. Some would argue that a nation without secure borders is not a nation at all!

Fact: While the DHS spends more than $700 million annually to lead the federal government’s efforts on cyber-security, it still struggles to protect itself, federal and civilian networks from potentially disastrous attacks that could bring the nation to its knees.

It is my belief that internal security should be each state's responsibility and that includes such agencies such as FEMA which now has to go through many layers of bureaucracy to get to an official to make a simple decision!

Government cannot solve our problems, it is the problem!