Sunday, April 9, 2017

Would a government shutdown be a bad thing?

In less than a week, after taking an Easter break, our congress will have to come to consensus in terms of the National Budget! A feat, should that occur, would not be unlike Jesus, when he walked on the waters in the Sea of Galilee! Right off the bat, the Democrats will try to impose not funding of the Mexican wall, something that President Trump has sworn we would do. Once again, everything will become politicized as the Democratic Party continues its relentless pursuit of stopping Trump at every turn. Their motto would seem to be 'Let the Nation be damned, so long as Trump loses!'

So, OK, I would bet the bank that the government will shut down for a period of time. Maybe it will be shut down for a long period of time and I would then pose another question... Is that really a bad thing? What better way to downsize this 'tumor' than by strangling it of money. After a few months, most of the politicians would move on to more lucrative endeavors. The Halls of Congress would be empty except for the sighing of the wind. The river of money that feeds the government would slow to a trickle and a big problem would be solved....