Friday, December 11, 2015

America is at war!

Here's the bottom line. Americans have a traitor in their midst and I think most of you know who that fucker is. At the same time, terror and terrorists have crossed our borders. You can call them extreme Islamic nut jobs or you can call them Muslims. They are one and the same! And, while most good hearted citizens are afraid of the next attack, there are some who welcome the chance to exterminate these very sick people from the face of the earth. Simper fi! Oh, and on a serious note! Would someone please kick that piece of shit Obama out of office, by any and all means legal!

God please bless my country in this time of strife. And Lord please smite the unbelievers and do not render them comfort as they leave this realm.... in pieces.

On things that matter to me!

A couple of predictions for 2016. Neither of which ore very good. But, hey, that's me!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bad taste Obama cartoon

I garnered this upsetting cartoon off the net and blurred out that offensive 'N' word made by an artist who is obviously not getting our politically correct environment. If I discover who made this, he or she will be reported to HLS!

For my part, I am NOT in any hurry to see this great man, this icon of leadership leave office; until that day in January in 2017 when we will watch his tail lights disappear over the horizon, at which point we will all then heave a collective sigh as a nation....

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

John Parker, a true patriot and original Minuteman!

John Parker (July 13, 1729 – September 17, 1775) was an American colonial farmer, mechanic and soldier who commanded the Lexington militia at the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775. He knew when it was time to defend his country, his family and his way of life! I wonder how many like him are left this day? Back then, the enemy was easy to spot on the open field. The foe, we face today, hides like a cockroach and fears the light of day. And, while the fight for this Republic will be hard and long, it is a fight this new militia is willing to undertake. God Bless those who will fight against this evil darkness that even now steals across our borders...

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The San Bernardino shooting! Was it really orchestrated by our government?

Post to come, please stay tuned....

Good versus Evil!

Never before in the annals of history have such a diverse group of tribes come together in an effort to work together and to make a harsh planet a place from which we have touched the stars. That place is called the United States of America, and it was our unique belief system that has allowed us to reach such heights! Sadly, only 8% of the people on this earth arise as a truly free individuals each day. To the rest, I would advise embracing God and fighting those who subject them, would be a good start to a better future.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Another f'ing year of this guy?

Beautiful downtown Homs Syria
For some strange reason, Obama is going to have another year to hack away at the Republic's crumbling economic foundations. Coming up for 2016 will be a full frontal assault on the already dying coal industry while the Great One's vision of a better world sometime in 2115 unfolds. Never mind those present day urchins! You know the American citizenry of today, let them make brick without any straw. Obama seems to be very focused on bringing America more in line with the rest of the world rather than trying to do the opposite! I guess tearing down is easier than building up in his mind's eye...

Also, in line with the self proclaimed Emperor's mad rush to 'Change America' will be his vastly expanded immigration and refugee policies. With a few more strokes of the Executive pen, his vision of America being transformed into a second class world nation may just be realized as tens of thousands of aliens pour into an increasingly fragile economy. (Close your eyes and imagine your self on a street in Syria and you'll see his vision, or keep them closed for another year and see it yourself for real)!

Not to be outdone, Obama's circle of zealots will pull out all the stops in 2016 to remove as many guns from the hands of legal gun holders. I'm guessing the idea is that if you disarm the masses, then there ain't much the masses can do about the changes going on around them. If they want to riot, fine! Let them throw rocks. Top down and bottom up brother!