Tuesday, September 20, 2016

North Korea! An international and humane crisis!

The North Korean population, on this day suffer. They have been suffering for a very long time. They will continue to suffer until such time as our leaders get their heads out of their collective asses. The speech by Obama, on this date, was a good case in point. This mulatto nigger in the White House gave a speech that was meant to impress the dullards of the world. Thankfully, the men and women present at the UN did not applaud..even once. They could easily perceive that an insane man was standing at the podium and were disgusted, as a body.

Here's the real deal and a heads up. North Korea cannot do very much to anyone at all at any distance. The people living there are starving and very near collapse. However, the current nut job running that dictatorship could just create a real horror show for those now living in the incredibly successful South, right before the few northern Korea strong points are finally taken out. I'm sure, that on that sad day, the various media outlets will have a field day.

I did not write this post for anyone to read. I wrote it to chronicle the early beginnings of a World War the will signify the last nail in the coffin of a species that once dreamed to reach the stars...a nd couldn't get past their own assholes..