Thursday, May 31, 2018

Democrats simmer as Summit talks progress!

You could almost hear the Far Left sizzle, all the way from the Capitol, to my home in southwest Missouri as talks between Washington DC and Pyongyang continued to amp upwards. And, while Democrats scrambled this day, to see if there is some way to blame Trump for Italy's political troubles, overall confidence in the overall Republican agenda continued to build....

As I see it, there are three possible short term outcomes; 1) the Summit will be called off by Kim and the sanctions remain, 2) the summit happens and North Korea makes an epic turn towards a future of increased prosperity and 3) the stirrings of World War III begin to increase in likelihood. Note that of the three options I've listed, if Kim does elect to pick #1, (which would kill the goose that could lay them a golden egg), the people there may well riot and off him. And, if things really go south and the US, Iran, China and Russia all decide to rumble via option #3 – Well, no one would really take notice of Kim's pathetic country again for some time as the Great Holocaust would be taking center stage. Only option #2 holds the promise for everyone to continue getting along by playing along.

The thing is, there is no clear path forward for the Democrats no matter what happens. They've managed to box themselves into a rather small corner with few choices for redemption prior to the midterms. When you spend all your time and energy hating one person, fail to take part in the great tax reform, refuse to see Obamacare as a failed experiment and rush to embrace known killers.... Well, I think you get the picture. And now, with seeing Trump make more progress, in a couple of years, than past Presidents have for thirty years in the Korean peninsula - Man! That's got to have them right at the boiling point!

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