Thursday, June 1, 2017

Terrorist's main target – The US power grid!

Decades ago, American security forces were dumbfounded, when a small group of determined terrorists, commandeered four planes and then used three as massive suicide bombs to destroy two towers and part of the pentagon. The fourth was stopped from hitting the White House only due to the actions of a brave few passengers....

Now, sixteen years later, I fear that the forces of evil have not been idle. I feel certain (in my gut), that there is a decade long plan in place to strike at key points at the power grid in a well rehearsed plot to plunge the nation into a chaos of truly horrific proportions. And they may well succeed as the citizens of my country have allowed themselves to be cowed by the far left. A group of useful idiots whose politically correct agenda seeks to subdue the urgent need to watch the Muslim man very carefully.

And, while it's true that the great majority of people of the Muslim faith are God fearing, so is it equally true that a large number of them truly believe that Christians are evil and need to be exterminated by any means possible. For that reason alone, men and women of the United States need to be visually aware and to report something if they see something. The evil that lives among us can be anywhere, in any town or any city and they have just one deadly agenda.... to die gloriously for Allah while taking as many of us down as possible.

Never forget that these utterly insane 'idealogues' will never, ever give up.

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