Monday, May 15, 2017

Is America getting closer to Civil War?

I'm not sure how many of us, those people of good hearts and a belief in a family unit and of God, can go on watching the media spew out their lies and deceptions. Day to day, it never ends. I'm referring to all the media and where they are trying to take us. A nation, without borders, with only a shadow of our former greatness...

A Civil War is brewing, just beneath the surface of the middle parts of my country. I feel this. These God fearing families, are now reaching or gone past a tipping point. They've had it with media channels that slant and lie about who we are as a people. (You either see the world as they see it, or your some kind of racist or non political correct idiot). That bullshit is going to end and it will end soon.

I would now call on the Militia of this Country to now stand ready for war! God, please bless us in this time.... Please forgive me, but, I am totally pissed off..

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