Friday, November 8, 2019

Warren, please take your healthcare and tax plan and shove it!

Do individuals, like Elizabeth Warren, have even a vague idea  of how businesses work here in America? I don’t think so, and here's why.

Many, even most citizens gain wealth and other benefits by banding together synergistically under the leadership of a company or corporation begun by some one person or persons who began them with a concept, a mission statement and then who had the guts (and the seed money) to compete in very tough and competitive environments. If everyone worked together and were very lucky, then the company would grow and the rewards for all would be great. (On the flip side, for every successful company, there are many more failures that take those self same owners down the tubes. That’s the breaks of the game).

But yes, it was those very self same entrepreneurs who took a chance, at the onset, that stood the most to gain (or lose). These same individuals, then often will start up other companies that today employ millions of very happy people.

Here, in this Republic, I feel that model has worked out quite well….

Warren, on the other hand, would place the worker class against the owner class by bleeding the latter of any incentives to invest in new enterprises. She’d do that by taxing the hell out of the very people that made jobs and careers available to millions and millions. Were that to happen, many would simply pack up and leave for greener pastures, leaving those left behind to wander around like you see in other Socialist constructs around the world.

Personally, I wish she would go back to the reservation.

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